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      Is this rental property in foreclosure? In current market conditions as an REO agent there have been many instances where I check a property for occupation and a renter is the occupant. Many cases the information I deliver, that a bank is the current owner, is a total surprise. I have been ...
      Our niche is homes for sale in Kissimmee Florida, and homes for sale in Saint Cloud Florida. We try and blog about recent events and things to come. Whether it's the Grand Opening of Kissimmee's Lakefront Park, or the annual Civil War reenactment in Saint Cloud. Either city always have some...
Today in the news, our fair city is celebrating along with thousands of its residents and visitors a rise in property values for anyone with homes for sale in Kissimmee Florida…oh wait that’s not what the big party is for, is it? Sorry, I always seem to have a case of real estate brain... Three ...
  Every homeowner thinking of putting their house on the market with the other homes for sale in St Cloud FL hopes to get top dollar for their property. Sometimes the homeowner’s idea of what their home is worth is spot on, and sometimes—a good deal of the time, actually—their idea of the value ...
  If you have investment property in Florida, landlording can be a very financially rewarding endeavor. If you do it right, it is a fantastic way to generate passive income from your investments with a low level of involvement. If you do it wrong, you’ll probably endure lots of headaches and los...
  I am looking at homes for sale in St Cloud, FL. There are some great deals on homes for sale in St Cloud with the median price of $219,500. This area of Osceola County represents the greatest growth area South of Orlando. Close to everything that matters. Jobs, beaches, lakes, and Walt Disney W...
While browsing on Twitter this morning, I noticed a trending hashtag that I just couldn’t resist… #blizzardof2015…Now, I know that this blizzard wasn’t everything that they predicted it to be, but as I was looking at these pictures I was just wondering one thing: “why?”     Why do you guys still...
    Choosing The Right Tenant Can Make or Break You.        What happens if you, the property manager chooses the wrong tenant? Isn't it a direct reflection of your service to the landlord? As well as the time and effort you have to deal with issues from the wrong tenant, you double it by having ...
  A number of economists are predicting that there will be an increase in millennials buying homes in the next five years. This is great news for sellers of homes for sale in St Cloud Florida, especially first-time sellers who are very likely to have the type of starter homes these new buyers wi...
  If you’re looking for homes for sale in Kissimmee FL, a great place to start is near the Loop. The neighborhoods surrounding the area are nice and ownership ranges from meticulously maintained condominiums to gorgeous townhomes to beautiful detached single family homes. Located just a mile sout...

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