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This Blog is Closed - Classes and DVD's are no longer available.
This is one of the most informative articles I've seen recently on the importance of page rank in Google. Choosing the proper domain name and targeting the proper keyword phrases can make a huge difference in how many web leads you receive.Good Morning All, There is alot of info flying around abo...
Once you've taken the pictures, you need to get them out of the camera and into the brochures and websites.  Getting a system for doing this efficiently saves time and money, especially when the software is free! As a real estate media consultant, I help real estate agents and teams make the mos...
Many people ask us, "What's the best camera for real estate photography?" To answer this question, you need to first understand that most real estate agents (myself included) went into the business of home sales to make money, not as a means of artistic expression. So when I describe the "best" c...
We've all seen them... Listing photos that are so poor that you'd almost laugh at them. Right after that comes all the listings with just one photo of the exterior. I understand that not everybody considers themselves to have "talent" as a photographer, but taking good pictures is now both easier...

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This Blog is Closed - Classes and DVD's are no longer available.