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Tips and tricks for the changing way Real Estate is marketed on the internet
Agents often ask me in the course of my conversation if our websites have the ability to send form and e-mail responses directly to a cell phone.  I always pause before explaining that almost any site/e-mail address/etc can be forwarded to a cell phone from anywhere. Read More...
Time is money, and that's never been truer than it is right now.  While surfing around out here in web-land I always run across tools that help you keep in contact and organize.  Below are to of my favorite I’ve found lately! Take a few moments to review these sites I've found that can save you t...
One of the new technologies rolled out at Real Estate Connect in New York this year was from Onboard, a real estate data provider.  The aim is to change the way people are able to search for homes and allow the searcher to select neighborhoods based on lifestyle as opposed to just location. Read ...
This Tuesday I thought I would dig in to my lil back of tips and tricks.  Today we talk about organization in a increasingly busy time of year, the business, and our life.  I've added some tools to the roster to help you with finding that misplaced file or contact. Also, a reminder that as high-t...
So, my increasingly long-standing flirtation with Social Media has officially entered phase 2.  I call this my Facebook Phase.  Why does Facebook get it’s own task number you ask?  Let me see if I can put it in perspective for you. Read More
I’ll be honest.  This is going to be a damn silly new category here at REMarketingGuy.  I’ll call it Video Saturday, cross myself and hope I still have a job on Monday. Just kidding.  I hope. Read More
A mixed bag of assorted tips, tricks, and tools.  Which is better, Organic Optimization or PPC?  How do Agents use interaction to build traffic to their site?  And for Wordpress Users, the plugin you've been waiting for. Read More
SoCal Homes team uses a very effective method to drive traffic.  They establish themselves as an authority on their area, a huge benefit to their prospects.  They achieve it in such a way that Search Engines sit up and take notice too.  Let’s talk about how. Read More
With marketing in the industry becoming more and more social, many agents are finding themselves overwhelmed by trying to keep up with the various networks they’re involved in.  Enter a very handy tool I stumbled on to not long ago, Flock. Flock, instead of sending out information to several site...
Truth be told, your social networking started back in kindergarten.  You know how you are supposed to learn all kinds of crap in kindergarten that will serve you later (All I Really Need To Know I Learned In Kindergarten).  Well, making friends, sharing, keeping in touch, those are valuable skil...

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Tips and tricks for the changing way Real Estate is marketed on the internet