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Boost the Impact of Your Advertising Through an Integrated Media Strategy.Today's home shoppers use many sources of information -- including multiple websites, printed publications and other media.  A well-executed integrated media strategy creates multiple points of interaction between your bran...
Are you basing your future business on Strategy or Luck?It's been said that "all boats rise with the tide."  In other words, when the market is good, sales are brisk and commission checks can be greater with little thought to an overall marketing strategy to deliver buyers and sellers to your doo...
Advertise Your Way"You can't advertise your way out of this market,"a broker recently told one of our local Real Estate Book representatives.  And he was right.  No amount of advertising is going to bring the market back to 2006 levels.But, does it really matter?  Consider this.  You can sell the...
I'd like to start by stating the obvious.  The Internet is a VERY LARGE Place.  That's why they call it the World Wide Web.   Saying you advertise on the Internet is kind of like saying - "I live on Earth."  In order to find you, someone will need a road map.  This is about that road map. Accordi...
"Is Your Glass Half Full or Half Empty?"  While many concentrate on the downside of the industry's recent cyclical downturn, here are some ways to look on the bright side.The dream of home ownership is alive and well.  According to NAR predictions, well over 5 million homes will sell this year. M...
"Everybody's Online, Obviously"According to the NAR 2007 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, 84% of home buyers searched for homes on the Internet and 99% found the Internet "useful" or "very useful" in their home search.So, while Internet advertising seems an obvious choice (duh),  there are a l...
In today's real estate environment, data is abundant and access to this information has become a basic consumer expectation.  However, when the time came to choose an agent, did these same consumers rely strictly on data or did they want something more?According to the 2007 National Association o...

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