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There's a lot . . . a ton . . . a mega ton . . . of DIY projects floating around in Cyber Space.  I've written some DIY projects, I've read some DIY projects AND I've actually done some DIY projects.  But this is a new one on me.Several weeks ago I met up with a first-time buyer.  We chatted for ...
Remember that old adage:  Silence is Golden?Among my witty, and irreverant, classmates they would utter that saying, with their own additive:  So, shut up and get rich!"Silence is Golden" is NOT the mantra in real estateMatter of fact, when there is SILENCE, you've got to wonder why.Real Estate i...
Since many real estate agents start out their career with door knocking, what happens when you see a "No Soliciting" sign on the property?This is a true story:With the nice weather creeping out from behind our Pacific NW rainclouds, there are other things creeping out as well.  Namely . . . the d...
Let's not mince words, there has been much discussion on ActiveRain in the past, few days and here's my analogous post.Putting on the BrakesThe other week I took my car in to get a routine service inspection.I took the car to a recognized, national franchise.  They are well-known.  The manager, J...
Every so often I'll have a client who will forego my sage advice.  When that happens, there's nothing much I can do but uphold my fiduciary duties, which include "obedience" to the clients.  When it comes to experience in all things "real estate" this is what I've formed as my own, personal opini...

Carla Muss-Jacobs, RETIRED

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