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What Was the Point . . . Exactly? The Early Bird Doesn't Always Get the WormThere was a loan officer who called me last week and left a voice mail message.I did not call him back.I do not take unsolicited calls from vendors at this stage of my real estate career.  He's nothing more than a local s...
This post says it all . . . and in not so many words!Pre-Approve Before You Move is a TM of Carla Muss-Jacobs / Buyers Agent Portland, LLC YES -- be ready, be prepared . . . William Fella says it all!! If you are looking to buy a home, Be ready! There are a lot of buyers and not many homes. You n...
I keep telling people that real estate, and the representation of clients is all about LEGAL, LEGAL, LEGAL . . . the clients worry about location, location, location.  Licensees need to be concerned with their legal representation of a client.  Obligations they may have to the consumers and gener...
Buyers BEWARE When Buying a Condo in the Portland Metro MarketOMIGOSH -- it's called a RESERVE STUDY!  And you don't get one done when you KNOW that you have latent defects in the condo building complex.  You get a "RESERVE STUDY" done when you DO NOT HAVE PROBLEMS . . . and you plan -- AHEAD -- ...
You Can't Spell "Assessment" Without the . . . ASSNot sure if it's me, but I wonder if anyone else would want to head bang after reading a NINE page document about the upcoming assessments in a condo complex in my local market.I'm working with buyer clients and when they expressed interest in a c...

Carla Muss-Jacobs, RETIRED

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