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Walking Shoes and Real EstateYesterday afternoon I was out with my client looking at the progress of her new construction.   It's coming along and I can't wait to see her finished home! After we spent about an hour with the contractor, we made plans to go out to lunch, and after lunch we went to ...
Why Won't She Call?Several weeks ago I made plans to go to San Francisco.  The minute I booked my hotel online, I received an inquiry in my email box from a prospective client who lives in . . . of all places,  San Francisco!I replied and mentioned my trip and suggested meeting up while I was dow...
Womens' Suffrage  - TODAY in HIStory August 26, 1920OMIGOSH . . . today is even more important than National Dog Day.Thank you Facebook for sending me this notice . . . Hmmmmmm . . . wonder why National Dog Day was today . . .when the REAL important day was the passage of the 19th Amendment to th...
In Honor Of National Dog Day . . . My Dog, The RabbitToday is National Dog Day.  It's also Wordless Wednesday, a two-fer day!Speaking of two-fer's . . . I have a Dabbit?  A Rog?My Molly dog has started to eat carrots.  So, I've been tossing her one per day.  Couldn't hurt.I think she's a rabbit. ...
Traveling With Carla . . . To The City By The Bay: San FranciscoA few weeks ago I took a trip down to visit with my son, Carlson, in the City by the Bay, San Francisco.It was a lovely vacation and today I finally had some time to edit the photos and put together a slideshow.Hope you enjoy!    Fil...
Wordless Wednesday . . . Or, Should I Say "Speechless"?It's "Back to School" time once again, and that means:  posting the yearly 2015 When Does School Start in Beaverton? article.Since I no longer have school aged children, I have to look up the dates and when I pulled up this year's information...
Goldielocks and The Three BuildersOnce upon a time, in the land of real estate, there were three buyers . . . who wanted to have their houses built.Builder #1 - This was a "spec" home.  Brand new construction, already built, move-in ready.Buyer liked it and bought it.Builder Warranty was the WORS...
How Sweet It Is . . . As Jackie Gleason would say "How SWEET it is" and then he'd do his happy shuffle.Well, I learned something this week from my son, Carlson, and I'm NOT happy! SUGAR is SWEET . . . yes it is!And sugar is everywhere in our food!I'm not going on a diet, per se.  I am, however, g...
I Don't "Steal" Leads . . . I Represent BuyersAs a tech-savvy real estate agent, I find it offensive when I read articles about how I'm "stealing" leads because I have an established web presence.Since a very high percentage of my buyer clients come from my Internet presence, I worked HARD for th...

Carla Muss-Jacobs, RETIRED

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