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In Memoriam:  Laraine Shape "Home Not Selling Try SELLABREX . . ." This post is about the passing of the Cincinnati Real Estate Lady, Laraine Shape whom I met right here on ActiveRain.  Fellow AR colleague, Bill Spears, let me know. For the old timers, you may recall Laraine's alter-ego 'Ralph" -...
It's All About the Points, 'Bout the Points . . . . . No Content   The new home page is making a splash here in the Active Rain community.  I've not made up my mind whether I like it, or not.  Change happens, we all know that.  When it happens too much, too fast . . . that's when people get tired...
Sara Bought a House -- Less Than $4,000 To Buy New Construction Yesterday, my client Sarah closed on her long-awaited new home.  And it's literally a new home . . . brand spanking new! I began working with Sara in July last year.  We went out touring several different times and during our preview...
Great post about the time in between . . .  I can relate to this post on so many levels!  I'm just about to close on a new construction which was supposed to close end of December.  With one extension down . . . you'd think the buyer would be focused on the deal.  They have to turn over possessio...
 How Interest Rates Affect A Buyers Purchase Power Aside from finding the right property to call home . . . another key element in the home buying process is -- the loan. Unless a buyer is paying cash, they will be a borrower and will need a loan. Interest rates are just as important to a borrowe...
Buying a Home Using Square Peg / Round Hole Technology There's a lot to being a real estate agent.  Since becoming licensed on the heals of the "technology" boom, I have seen the shift of many buyers.  They no longer seek the advice, counsel or guidance of an experienced agent. Tsk, tsk. Technolo...

Carla Muss-Jacobs, RETIRED

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