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 Aren't they cute? The three little kittens didn't lose their mittens -- it was too hot outside to wear any.  The photo was taken last week when we were touring property and saw these felines resting in the shade. My clients and I took a double take because because they really blended in the shade.
The Condition of a FOR SALE Property is Important . . . What About the Neighbor's House?!? We know that the Condition, Location and Price of a property listed FOR SALE are important factors for buyers in their consideration of a home to purchase. The Condition of a listed property can include: ex...
Ah yes . . . performing one's own tonsillectomy.  And at the rate we're on, I'm going to be performing my own frontal lobotomy. Debe Maxwell is a well-seasoned real estate broker in the Charlotte, NC real estate market.  She echos the concerns many other well-seasoned real estate practitioners ha...
Lake Oswego Real Estate Market Report Slightly over 6 months ago, the new year started out with an adsorption rate for Lake Oswego real estate of 7.0 months of inventory. Within the first half of 2012, the entire Portland Metro area is now down to 3.9 months of inventory. The market has changed a...
Who remembers the song "Games People Play"? "Oh the games people play now Every night and every day now Never meaning what they say now Never saying what they mean" I was reminded of the song toay when I was looking up some listing for clients I'm working with.  I noticed a property had a "Price ...
This post was inspired by a home stager who, obviously, doesn't know the law of real estate agency.  The "member's only" story goes: Stager went out to look at property, unrepresented.  One agent at an open house seemed attentive, but also a "newbie" . . . Another agent at another open house didn...
Wonderful Homes for Sale Near Reed College Reed College is located in the SE Portland area and borders the lovely neighborhood of Eastmoreland. Because of the location and the provenance of the area, many home buyers looking for a lovely well-established neighborhood will want to view homes for s...
Beaverton Real Estate Market Report The new year stated out with an adsorption rate for Beaverton real estate market of 7.0 months of inventory. Within the first half of 2012, the Portland Metro is now down to 3.9 months of inventory.   As this Beaverton Real Estate Market Report shows, the marke...
Credit Suisse Monthly Survey of Real Estate Agents -- June 2012 Results The results bear some good news:  The traffic remains above expectations for real estate agents. Well, that is a difference from a year ago! As with the old saying "You can never be too rich or two thin" -- add you can never ...
My TV Review of Property Wars . . . BARF That's my review.  The series Property Wars played out like anything else on TV . . . contrived, unrealistic, scripted, predictable, formulatic . . . which garners the "BARF" review Property Wars is entertaining for the "What are you nuts?!?" value.  It's ...

Carla Muss-Jacobs, RETIRED

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