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This is a great post, for a number of reasons.  It's beautifully written, and IMHO this should be what MSN Money, etc. should be posting -- as opposed to the "100 Great Places to Live" tripe. I'm a firm believer that most home buyers / consumers where fleeced by the banksters who manipulated eac...
Sales Tax in Oregon This post was inspired by a very new member to Active Rain, Ridhi Raheja. In her post Sales Tax Holiday!!! she let's us know that in many states across the Nation there will be "no sales tax" on school supplies, and selected clothing items.  This got me thinking about sales ta...
This past Tuesday I had an interesting day.  I was known as "Defendant No. 8."  This is how one is referred to when appearing on the Judge Joe Brown show.  Plaintiff No. 1, Defendant No. 5, etc.  My case was the 8th of the day . . . hence, Defendant No. 8. Not sure if "fun"  is the way to put it,...
  On Sunday I posted a crossword puzzle.  For those of you who want to check your progress -- or get a clue -- here is the KEY If you want to work the crossword, here it is: Sunday Real Estate Crossword Puzzle It was fun making the puzzle.  When I get inspired again, I will do another one.      
This is a post that does take into consider the loan amounts at 2010 pricing, and low interest rates.  Simple and to the point -- if you're thinking about buying . . . think seriously and read this post.   Most economists agree that recent rashes of government spending will ultimately lead to si...
ENJOY!!  I'll post the KEY in a few days!!   ANSWER KEY . . . don't peek :-)   ACROSS 1   A specific type of real estate 4   A specific type of real estate 5   Three little letters that mean so much to Wall St. 7   Organization founded in 1901 8   Home buying helper 9   21st century version of 'w...
If you went out today -- you ENCOUNTERED the SUNDAY DRIVER!!  I know you did, because I did too. Which is why this post is hilarious!!  Also, Liz and Bill are new to Ative Rain, but are blogging maniacs!!  Their posts are good, and they are great commenters too!  Not only is this a funny, but a ...
For the past several months, I've been calling our meltdown "TRICKLE DOWN PROPERTY LOSS".  Because that's exactly what it is. I've gotten used to seeing the FOR SALE signs in my neighborhood, and even noticed a few 'Auction' signs . . . but now I'm seeing the FOR LEASE signs.  While I live in a r...
For anyone looking at NEW construction this is a good post by Andi Grant, a Realtor® in the Long Beach, CA area.  This is a true life tale about buyers who might not have had: a) buyer representation when they purchased a newly constructed home, and/or b) a home inspection. I sell new constructi...
Kicking it in Downtown Portland  -- Williamette River, Waterfront Park, Hawthorne Bridge Today was a glorious day in Portland town!  I went to Waterfront Park, and was kicking it in Downtown Portland. The Portland Brew Fest was in full swing, but my friend forgot his ID, and they wouldn't let him...

Carla Muss-Jacobs, RETIRED

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