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The BEST things in life are FREE! Now that the heat wave is cooling off . . . go to the Washington County Fair! Washington County Fair: Daily entertainment includes live music, children's and Wild West shows, carnival games and rides, kids tractor pedal pulls and more. Check http://www.faircompl...
For those of us in the real estate / mortgage business, we're very familiar with the acronym:  P.I.T.I. NO!  It's not a healthy pocket bread.  A first-time buyer should know about this, and it's a handy, simple group of letters -- that could save you money and help with your monthly budget planni...
  Wordless alright -- I don't know the name of these flowers.  Do you??
Okay, okay . . . so it has a word . . . Original art by:  Carlson Muss 2009 (c) "Focus" Carlson is a Junior at PNCA (Pacific Northwest College of Art)  
  There was a blog post last week written by Paddy Pizappi which was a "Members Only" blog, so I won't cite it here.  She asked a rhetorical question about why we don't have a 'buyer registry.'  In a nutshell, she wrote about -- what I have now termed: "the pseudo-buyer."  This blog is written f...
Downtown Portland OR use of the Zipcar Okay, so it's really not just PORTLAND, OREGON that has the ZIPCAR program . . . London, Seattle, Boston, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Washington DC . . . etc. are ALL zoom, zoom zooming with the ZipCar! Ask yourself one question:  Don't have a car to...
  Isn't the old saying:  The Best Things in Life are . . . FREE! Here's a freebie! I've been using for many years.   They're okay.  Just to be clear (disclosure, disclosure, and disclosure): I am not promoting their services.  I have no vested interest either personally or business-w...
If you're not familiar with the U.S. Government Bookstore, get yourself acquainted!  It's a great place to browse, find books that you might not find at Borders, and shop. The website is very manageable and user friendly.  Personally, I don't care for too much clutter -- and yes, websites can hav...
Pambiche (pronunced:  Pam-beach'a) is a great escape!  A client who left Cuba years ago turned me on to this place, and I'm SO glad she did!  I felt like my favorite dish "Vaca Frita" and had my fix! This dish is splashed with fresh citrus 'sauce' that cools the seared beef which is marinated in...
If you're not familiar with Portland Center Stage . . . please take some time to think about the theater.  Portland, Oregon has a very well-known and growing THEATRE COMMUNITY!  And Portland Center Stage offers wonderful live perfomances.  During summer they offer a lot of FREE events:   Stage Di...

Carla Muss-Jacobs, RETIRED

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