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Just think, Saturday is our Nation's 233rd Birthday!  Happy 4th of July!!  Thinking of somewhere to go . . . something to do?  Here's a good list of annual festivities. 4th of July 2009 Events in Portland, Oregon * Safeway Waterfront Blues Festival - Take the MAX and attend the Safeway Waterfron...
TO QUOTE:  "Members have called NAR asking what to do if they think that servicers are not following the guidelines for the Obama Administration's Making Home Affordable Program for modifying eligible mortgages and refinancing Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac mortgages. Here are the recommended steps t...
Is it just me, or have the lines been so skewed that a listing agent doesn't know what PRESENTING an offer in a "time is of the essence" manner means anymore? RESPONDING to an offer is different.  PRESENTING an offer . . . OH COME ON!  Tell me your client doesn't have email when we were in his h...
Livable.  Hmmmm . . . a simple word.   But when describing a home would an unfinished basement be counted as livable? Or, the garage? These are (semi) rhetorical questions.  But, I pose them to make a point.  With listings vying for attention (PICK ME, SHOW ME, BUY ME!) I'm noticing the trend of ...
The Oregon Association of Realtors(r) has emailed a survey -- but you might be interested in it, as well! The HVCC (the House Value Code of Conduct) has been a very controversial "new" code which took effect May 1, 2009. The reason I'm shaing this survey is because it's important that we voice ou...
I couldn't believe my eyes when I read that a local agent has closed over 100 listings this year (to date). In my monthly association of Realtor(r) rag, I read this and doubted every word. Yesterday I took about 2 hours and researched this statement.  To my surprise, the comment I read was absol...
  I was going to blog about this yesterday, then changed my mind.  A few people don't support our troops and I wasn't in the mood yesterday -- didn't feel like being flamed.  Then I read a feature today and was SO inspired by what I read -- and coming up in second place behind Dinah Lee Griffey ...
  Since it's Father's Day AND Sunday . . . this LOL of the Day works on a few levels. I found this blog entry pretty funny -- and hope you do too! I found some other Adam & Eve Rib Jokes:     Adam was sitting alone in th...
Not sure if Saturday or Sunday (or both) is the day / are the days of your areas traditional OPEN HOUSE. Here, in Metro Portland Oregon, it's typically Sunday, although some agents will have a Saturday Open House, or BOTH weekend days. But Sundays is the traditional / typical day. Yesterday, as I...

Carla Muss-Jacobs, RETIRED

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