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It's nice when some things that are read in the news are POSITIVE!  Especially, when it's about the Metro Portland area -- Vancounver/Portland/Beaverton An e-article by J. Isaac Spradlin says some nice things about our area:
The LOL of the Day goes to Charles Buell, a home inspector up in the Seattle Washington area.    Apparently, when Charles couldn't find his client . . . and finding no help from her assistants . . . he had the shortest home inspection ever!  Maybe five minutes?!?   Please read his blog, which is ...
A tip of the hat to G-II Varrato for his brillant HEADLINE: "REO LISTING AGENTS - MOST ARE AS USELESS AS FEATHERS ON A LIZARD" Please read the entire post: While REO's are NOT a LOL matter, the ...
I'm just testing to see WHY TWITTER is posting OLD posts as "just" posted.  It doesn't make any sense to me . . . So I'm posting something fresh to see what the Twitter twats do with this one.  Test No. 2:  Signing on to TWITTER BEFORE I post, maybe then it will capture it??
Hi "Jason!" LOL Sorry! I was talking to one of my clients right before I posted that comment, I bet you can't guess what his name is. Todd! LOL, I feel so embarassed, Sorry! :D I edited my previous comment, hope I didn't upset you... >.<  -Lisa   Lisa Udy Realtor Utah Real Estate Specialist (Log...
So, I'm reading a blog post and comments, and all of a sudden I'm LOL!! Actually, I was ROTFLMFAO after I read it, but we're in "polite society" so I don't want to offend. The blog post was entitled: At Least We Don't Eat the Drywall . . .
This is a DID YOU KNOW blog. Did you know that the insurance coverage offered through the FDIC, which raises the limits of deposit FROM $100,000 to $250,000 is LIMITED! At the END OF THIS YEAR -- Dec. 31, 2009 -- this will END. Beginning January 1, 2010 the limit of insurance coverage DROPS back ...
I did NOT write this.  Laraine SHape (Pruitt Real Estate, Inc.) allowed REBLOGGING on this but PLEASE READ THIS . . . ABSOLUTELY BRILLANT -- NO HOLDS BARRED! Telling it like it IS . . , and we're all scratching our butts thinking "DANG, I wish I would have written that!"  'cause we ALL want to s...
I just received a notice of a scam being perpetuated by "CASH" buyers.  Apparently, some buyers are looking at lower-end properties, using an agent in the broker's office.  After touring the property  they will write the offer for all cash (at closing, of course.)  Then, when the offer is accepte...

Carla Muss-Jacobs, RETIRED

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