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Most condominium associations require that a copy of any lease be provided to the association management so they can keep track of how many properties in the complex are rentals.  Some require the owner obtain permission from the board in order to rent out their unit.  If you ignore the rule, thi...
169 Swanson Rd Norfolk, VA Click For Listing Website Click For Interactive e-Tour This home is surprisingly spacious inside. Two downstairs bedrooms connected by a Jack-N-Jill bath, living room and dining room with all with authentic hardwood floors and nice neutral paint. The charming kitchen h...
The past week gave us a slight increase in REO properties on the market in Hampton Roads but it still represents about 10% of the overall market of available properties in Southside Hampton Roads.  Chesapeake had 2% more and Virginia Beach had 1% more than the prior week.  Norfolk remained consta...
I've seen some leases that require the tenant to make repairs if the cost is less than $100, otherwise it's the owner's expense.  This is plain foolishness for two reasons.  First, it encourages the tenant to either ignore small problems until they become bigger or break things worse so the minor...
I recently was in the home of a woman who was lamenting about how difficult it was to keep paying her mortgage and she now thought she would have to do a short sale.  She sucked out all of her equity before the values took a hit and now that she's having to pay it back, she just doesn't see how t...
When a prospective tenant fills out an application, you should require they provide at least two years of residence history.  You'll want to check that their current lease is actually ending and they gave proper notice.  Otherwise, they may owe another six months on their current lease and find t...
Will the owner accept $50 a month less in rent?  Prospective tenants with questionable backgrounds or those who feel they deserve special treatment due to their exemplary backgrounds may be reluctant to fill out an application before they get your assurance on what the decision will be.  Their in...
Foreclosures dropped slightly this week, but remain 10% of the overall properties currently on the sale market. Chesapeake (-4%), Suffolk (-3%), and Norfolk (-2%) lead the declines while Protsmouth and Virginia Beach each posted 2% gains.  I dare not say we have turned the corner, but if the tren...
If you decide not to allow pets in your property, you are cutting yourself out of about 80% of the market, but when you do allow pets, you want the ones who are members of the family.  These pets are more likely to be well cared for and well behaved, the owners don't mind paying extra for the pri...
5110 Condor Street Virginia Beach, VA Click For Listing Website Click For Interactive e-Tour This single story townhouse is located just off Witchduck Road near Town Center, Virginia Beach. Convenient to public transportation, Virginia Beach Boulevard, and I-264, you?re only minutes away from wh...

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