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The "economic stimulus" package is expected to add massive growth to one employer, the Federal government, but not much more immediate relief for our ailing country.  So, if you've got a job, it's better to get a mortgage while you're still employed as that may not even be an option if you're out...
For those who didn't hear the news in the past few days, GSH and two Prudential franchises merged to form a new real estate company in Hampton Roads.  For many of us, this isn't a surprise.  In fact, we not only predicted this merger, but also that mergers will continue as industry consolidation ...
I saw a post on AR from an agent who was swindled on an advertising scam. I have noticed an increase in advertising claims and it's irritated me enough to say something.  It's a simple fact that most agents do not have their MBA in Marketing or a technology related field.  In fact, most agents do...
Although paying with credit cards might provide an extra level of comfort and a paper trail for authorities to follow, I think we're going to see more questionable practices as marketers scramble to get our advertising dollars. I hope this works out well in the end, but am glad we have a communit...
I was at a party recently, listening to a guy I just met complain that his vacant house hadn't sold, so I asked the obvious question.  You see, I enjoy property management and include it as a core competency and revenue stream in my business plan.  Turns out he had tried renting it out a few time...
Well, 2009 is going to be a fantastic year in real estate.  In fact, there will be more millionaires made in real estate in the next decade than currently exist in the country. Why is it such a great time to buy?  Selection is plentiful and prices are reasonable.  A good agent can identify the ho...

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