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The RealMan blog is about Minot ND. The RealMan blog is North Dakota's longest running and most read blog about Minot ND.
Once in a while we totally misunderstand what is going on around us just like Philemon didn't think the garland was edible while Joe on the other hand though Philemon might mistake the garland as a relish.I'm sure something similar has happened to all of us. Some warnings seem totally unnecessary...
With Santa hats ranging from $1.47 on up I would guess that there are a few itchy ones out there on the market. I would guess that Santa's real hat is very comfortable and maybe has an elastic band to keep it on his head as he zooms to every house on Christmas eve. 
It's pretty hard to avoid the sounds of Christmas today. I've already rang the bell by the red kettle when I was also selling hot dogs for "The Horn of Plenty" and I've heard them just about everywhere I've shopped as well.  It's pretty hard to escape the Christmas music if you are downtown where...
The turkey is gone, the Fall and Thanksgiving decorations are gone and today the Christmas decorations have come out.These are a few (very few) of Carol's nativity scenes. They look like those of the smallest but she does have some with figures up to to 18". They are beautiful and from several di...
Carol purchased the smallest whole turkey she could find so I'm pretty sure we won't be eating it all the way to Easter unless she freezes some of it for later consumption.The picture above is not ours. I found it on the web and it is NOT copyrighted.At lunch today we did enjoy cold turkey sandwi...
I know a lot of people, like my sister, who have their Christmas shopping done by August. From what I've read here in the Active Rain Q & A section there are quite a few of you that already have their Christmas shopping done.I agree with Joe, I want to avoid this:Our household , all adults now, h...
I wonder what Joe did wear for the following month? Maybe pajamas? I'm sure we can relate to some extent with Joe, Titus, and Philemon but I try hard not to let myself get to the "one bite to many" place anymore.That being said...Last night our church had a diner, not a pot luck, with so much foo...
As I understand it, this is the busiest travel day in the USA. Like Joe, Titus, & Philemon we (the Timm family) will be spending it at home... no travel required. Having recently made a trip from Minot ND to New Jersey I can relate to the old movie Trains, Planes, and Automobiles.My cross county ...
Many of us over eat during the holidays but thankfully we are not getting "stuffed" to be a sacrifice or dinner for a another species. Yuck!If you are familiar with the Bible you know that there were religions that did require human sacrifice and they were all detestable to the Christian God. In ...
Thinking about food may or may not lift your spirits but listening to others testimonies of JOY will certainly lift your spirits. I am talking about sincere stories of gratitude by others and not people bragging about their victories (no one can tolerate much of that).If you are new to the Active...

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