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The RealMan blog is about Minot ND. The RealMan blog is North Dakota's longest running and most read blog about Minot ND.
If you are not careful you just might end up celebrating Christmas with a broken leg. There have been times where it was a bit difficult to navigate around our Christmas tree in the living room because of an abundance of Christmas gifts under the tree.Rock Around The Christmas Tree by Brenda Lee ...
This could be another warning for parents to keep their eyes on their pets and children during the Christmas season. The cartoon had me wondering about food themed Christmas wrapping paper... OF COURSE they make it! I didn't see spinach themed paper but of course there is cookies and more.It also...
A Christmas tradition, started right here in Minot ND, is now a National tradition called Realtor Ring day. If you want to see the Christmas spirit manifested like you have never seen before then volunteer to ring the bell for the Salvation Army on Realtor Ring Day or volunteer to ring the bell o...
Timmothy's comic strip reminds me of two things.          #1) Active Rain's puking Chihuahua. I tried hard to find the picture but I couldn't... it only shows up when you don't want it.#2) About 50 years ago my brother and I made some "special" brownies and then we went for a little car ride. Whe...
While I have never wrapped any of my pets by mistake I can still identify with Joe's mistake. In the past, when the kids were young, we bought them a lot of stuff (partially thanks to The Dollar Tree). Our Christmas tree usually looked a lot like this:The tree above looks much like the tree and p...
I didn't want to put this in the Question & Answer section where more eyes may fall upon it but I do wish to thank everyone for their prayers about my medical procedure today. I received a clean bill of health with no cancerous polyps found. The Dr. said "see you in 10 years".
Although I have tried my hand at modeling I have failed to complete one well ever. I believe I may have completed a model ME262 airplane and if memory serves me correctly I did a "fair" job at it.I did receive a model for Christmas several years ago from my daughter Tina when we were watching a l...
It appears that we will have a White Christmas here in Minot ND being there is currently snow on the ground and our high temps will be in the low 30's for the next 10 days.That being said I am having somewhat of a Blue Christmas do to personal circumstances, especially due to health but of course...
In my quest for the best PERFORMANCE of a Christmas song that I've found on YouTube this year. Endre Barath, Jr. suggested I look at performances of "Oh Tannenbaum" and "Little Drummer Boy". I found it to be a very difficult search as nobody really pushed the limits of their vocal talent on these...
There is a BIG difference between being good and doing good. I suppose either one works for Santa Clause BUT there is a BIG difference between Santa Clause and the Christian God of the Bible. Any one of these theologianswill tell you that NO amount of good will get you to heaven. Being we are not...

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