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The RealMan blog is about Minot ND. The RealMan blog is North Dakota's longest running and most read blog about Minot ND.
If you are a pet owner you are most likely familiar with the scenario in the cartoon above. For me it's my dog, Baby, needing to go out just as I'm ready to go to bed and occasionally (rarely) in the middle of the night. Timmothy's cartoon is speaking from his experience as a (past) guinea pig ow...
I don't think I have ever made the effort to smile all day long BUT I have made the effort to emulate the wonderful example of Anna "Banana" Kruchten 's positive attitude.A forced smile always looks like a forced smile, we don't fool anyone with it. I think this is a very important, yet simple, l...
Timmothy's cartoon is NOT about Mind over Matter but more in line with Mental Awareness. Mental Awareness is very important in Real Estate. A mentally aware Realtor (or any sales professional) needs to be aware of their clients needs. They need to listen closely to what the client is saying. They...
Answering my own question... hopefully the brain.Wouldn't it be nice if some people would need to rest their jaw (or have it wired shut) 😉. I have a couple of friends that when I tell my wife that I invited them over she groans. I've known Realtors like that as well as other salespeople. You just...
Bits and PiecesEvery once in a while I need to clean off the pictures I have taken with my phone. I don't really need the space but I hate clutter.Timmothy completed that hard puzzle.Tina got a new pet to keep here current parakeet company. Meet Sunny.Our newest Artist in the Gallery (Shayna Rodr...
When I think of little faces I don't think of a pair of rodents... although they are pretty cute, but I'd rather think about when my kids were little or what my Grandchildren's faces will look like should I live long enough to be blessed with some.One of the most fulfilling things about selling h...
I think we have all had those moments where we were feeling on top of the world only to have it crash down on us shortly after.A good Real Estate agent anticipates and does their best to avoid trouble in Real Estate transactions. A GREAT Real Estate agent knows how to handle those unforeseen disa...
Titus is a guinea pig. Guinea pigs love grapes. For Titus to give Joe his grape was/would be a great act of kindness. The great thing about grapes is they come in clusters and so should acts of kindness.We all know that acts of kindness are contagious but why not be the vine that produces bunches...
Every home I have owned has had some kind of backyard burial find. I think I have always found coins, sometimes keys, toys, and I have even found a well wrapped alarm clock with a few other items.I had not heard of it before being in RE for several years but it seems you may have a good chance of...
 Timmothy is sitting at his desk in the Art Gallery behind three of his self portraits. The one on the left is his newest and it has been hanging in another gallery for a couple of months so it was nice to get it back and put it up in ours. The middle one was obviously during covid and the one on...

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