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The RealMan blog is about Minot ND. The RealMan blog is North Dakota's longest running and most read blog about Minot ND.
I'm working on a couple of suggested classics that Endre Barath, Jr. mentioned to me on an earlier post but it's proving to be a bigger challenge then I expected. I did find a fairly moving song by Elvis but after listening to the lyrics (as a Christian) I am not sure why this song is considered ...
Whether it's a mini-bike, a scooter, or a motorcycle they are all much, much more dangerous then a bicycle.If you are thinking about giving a pair of motorized wheels to a kid our buying yourself a motorcycle for Christmas you need to proceed with caution.My parents allowed me to buy my first set...
The Noodle Ministry, a strange name for a ministry but a ministry that serves the lowest of the low in today's society. The Noodle Ministry gives hope to the incarcerated who have no money, no dignity, and in most cases a crippling addiction to drugs.The generous will themselves be blessed, for t...
I agree with Joe, let's skip the snow this year... or at least put it off a bit longer. If it wasn't for our agriculture communities need/reliance on the moisture I would be fine with no snow at all in the winter of 2023-2024.I realize I have no business living in North Dakota with that attitude ...
I am sure that when Timmothy drew this cartoon strip he expected there to be a foot or more snow on the ground, after all it is December 6th and we live in Minot North Dakota.Today, December 6th 2023 we not only do not have snow on the ground but we woke up to temps in the mid 40's expecting a hi...
Now that is a take on the season I don't believe I have ever heard of before. Let's just say it's a Timmothy Timm original. It did make me think of a few random thoughts I'll share.When was the last time you smelled really bad breath? I'm not talking about a spouses morning breath but somebody ou...
I can't say that I have experienced blinding Christmas lights in our, or anyone else's home but I can imagine it.Personally I LOVE light and tend to go overboard with lighting, especially outdoor security lighting. In fact,  back when the newspaper delivered to the door my delivery person refused...
I am still looking for that ONE Christmas song that crushes it for 2023. I'm glad I got rave reviews on the one I posted earlier but that was my 2022 Christmas song (I think).I did come across a group I really like named HUMAN NATURE and they do a very nice job but I'm not going to declare them t...
Yikes! A snowblower? That reminds me of the movie Fargo. It would be just as messy of a way to go as the wood chipper scene. We love all Christmas music in our home from the old classic crooners, heavy metal rock, to the comedies like Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer. I found this version where...
Timmothy's cartoon brought two images to mind when I read it. #1 as a little five pointed star dressed like a cowboy with a revolver in it's hand and...#2 it reminded me of an old album cover by Shaun Cassidy. Shaun Cassidy was a teen TV Star on the show The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries and th...

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