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The one thing I noticed about the recent Denver REBarCamp (Great Job by Kristal Kraft and team) was the wide eyed look (deer in the headlights) of the average Realtor who attended the event. The event was well attended by the real estate industry who clearly felt a need to get up to speed on soci...
Probably the biggest advantage of social networking is that you can do it with almost zero financial cost. Marketing on social networks is FREE! Membership on sites is free and it doesn't cost money to meet customers. This means that anyone can participate in social marketing. This is very import...
When my new home marketing strategy blew up during 2007, I made the switch to social media and social network marketing. I dabbled in REOs and short sales for a few months but just didn't like it. I was trying to work out my next marketing strategy and decided that if my clients were moving onlin...
The biggest problem with the MLS is that there are so many properties. It's just too much work to try and sift through thousands of properties looking for the hidden gems. The proverbial needle in a haystack. I recently used a tool at that does all the heavy lifting - let...
by Ross Hair, the Real Estate Advocate Become the local Real Estate Advocate in your area - contact Here's the money saving tip for the day for realtors, homeowners and real estate investors.... why hire a real estate attorney when you can write your own real estate in...
 The Real Estate Advocate attended a REO auction of foreclosure properties in Denver. It was phenomenal. REDC auctioned over 170 properties and the place was pumping with energy. I estimate that there was over 1000 people in attendance, all with the look you only see in people hunting a bargain. ...
The Real Estate Advocate found this great tool for a quick virtual drive by of a target property. Google Street View provides street level picture to supplement their map information. It's a great way to get a panoramic view of a property and the surrounding area.  

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