On day numbrt 8 I am thankful for all police officer's, fire department personel, EMT's and anyone forced to work on a Holiday.Most of the above give their time and energy to help those afflicted with an illness, accident and other sundry mishaps and seems always without a thank you.If you have t...
On this the seventh day of what I am thankful for will be on December 10, 2016 to be ringing the bell for the Red Kettle here in Ontario. This will mark my second year at this office and my tenth since getting into real estate. One of the co-workers dresses as Santa and we hand out candy canes.
Today I am thankful for the choice of getting to real estate.Here it is a stormy day and with all appointments having been canceled I will be able to be one less frustrated driver and work from home.Having caught up on all phone calls and emails there is a webinar for an hour this afternoon for e...
Today I am thankful for the opportunities and careers that have come my way.My Mother wanted me to become a Doctor so all the courses were pointed in that direction but being born either 50 years to early or late at the time they did not want General Practitioners so it was onto business manageme...
Day number four will be the three kids; Melissa, Benjamin and Stefanie that have grown into wonderful adults and the good and bad memories.Melissa is the oldest married to Eric with her children Ashley, Nicholas and Logan. She works at Cornell.Benjamin has decided to go back to college and finish...
On this day I am thankful for all the teachers in school that helped me learn mathematics's, reading and writing, science, hated English class, foreign languages and to help me think through a problem.Thankfully there was not a boob tube in the home and to this day I try to read a novel and a som...
This probably should have been day #1.My Parents whom taught five brothers and three sisters to share anything and everything as there is someone that does not have what you have. Amazing the games we played that made us think outside the box and helps with business as well as every day life.
On this the 16th day of November 2016 I am thankful to be able to assist others that are less fortunate.At the office meeting this morning a ten pound turkey was raffled off and yours truly was able to walk out the door with frozen hands. There is a family that has six kids and are always thankfu...
My day generally starts at 6:30am checking emails, text messages and possibly a phone call or two. Then it is double checking the work plan for the day to see where I may be traveling to that day as well as revamping the to do lists for phone calls to create more business.This time of year it is ...
This four bedroom; one full and two half bath colonial  with 1,568 now officially for sale.Located at 198 Ledgewood Dr, Greece, NY 14615 was listed this morning with a list price of $106,000. Price allows for your updating of the property. It has a furnace and C/A installed in 2014. All a...

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