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  In this special alert video we examine the bailout of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac what you can do now to assist you in your business. (one of these days we will just post the video here. Until then.....) www.rickpilger.com/carcollege
With recent news that many, if not all PMI companies are having issue with insuring condo's in Florida I thought this would be a good time to talk about the current challenges in financing condo's. Most of the information applies to all but some is more specific to my market here in Greater Cinci...
I was informed that there was a techinical issue with my last Car College post so I wanted to let everyone know it is now fixed. Learn about the $7500 tax credit inside of H.R. 3221: http://www.rickpilger.com/carcollege   enjoy
I just posted a new video discussing the ins and outs of this provision of the Housing Rescue Bill. Join in at: http://www.rickpilger.com/carcollege
In speaking with many agents, I realize that there has been a buzz in the industry with many lenders screaming “halleluiah, the FHA 90 Day Property Flipping Waiver has been granted and that changes everything”!  Based on what I’ve heard, the new perception is that FHA abandoned the Flipping requ...
Which industry has the biggest impact on mortgage origination volume and Real Estate Sales? - New home construction - Technology and software - Federal spending - Sales of existing homes - Credit card lending I would bet that in these economic times that it is the last one. Why? We have an epidem...
  Have you noticed lately that banks and lenders are less willing to deal when it comes to REO and short sales? In fact, we just saw a bank turn down a short sale offer that was only $4000 less than asking ( grant it, they had lowered the price 5 times in 3 months) and let the house go into fore...
I do not like to double post but had a technical issue.  DO NOT MISS this interview with Ohio Mortgage Bankers President Bill Cosgrove as he gives his valuable insight into the the current mortgage and housing market.   http://activerain.com/blogsview/421376/Interview-with-President-of
Do not miss this long awaited interview with Ohio Mortgage Bankers President Bill Cosgrove. Bill shares his professional expertise on the current housing and mortgage market and gives valuable insight as to what we can expect in the future.   Right Mouse click here and select 'Save Target As' to...
There have been a lot of questions of why mortgage rates are not falling in light of all the economic data coming out and the weakness in the stock market.  The disconect between Mortgage Backed Securities and the 10 year Treasury is more apparent than ever. I have included the text of an email ...

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