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The land of think can be a nice place to visit but extended stays are discouraged. Its like watching a movie for the 3rd time. The dynamics of newness, intrigue, discovery, adventure and outcome is considerably reduced. So it is when you replay over in your mind life events in the now or the proj...
Whether we choose to believe it or not, we are always on display either to others or from our action results and even unto ourselves. There is no obvious secret place where one goes to hide. NO. While you live, you are on display. Who and what you are & what becomes of it is monitored constantly....
TRUTH is that light that brings clarity, peace, rest and hope & is what governs the Universe in a never-ending presented setting. Light delivers the Truth and the Truth created light to enlighten (nurture) us both inside & out. It answers unto itself and was created for the one who lives by it an...
Resentment is not natural or new but instead a type of dark intruder making the rounds and wanting very much to enter into the one who is resenting and does so successfully. It uses an advance form of deception to carry out its agenda and maintain its existence with a healthy dose of temptation t...
The title of the posting includes more than what meets the eye i.e. the word "being" followed by the word readable. To be or not to be intrigued Shakespeare and should appeal to you too. It is the most coveted state of your personal union. Your personal stock if you willBEING YOURSELFDon't let yo...
A mountain reminds us of a higher-up place or destination. It suggests intrigue, mystery, reverence along with majesty. It is accented by the low or valleys making it stand out. In this example, a man explains how he views & perceives with those that haven't reached a seeing height. Therein lies ...
Anyone can be a giver & in fact is. Use a scale of 1-10 to rate by. Also, there is a -negative scale of 1-10 to use for those that are stuck either deliberately, by trickery, defect or perhaps ignorance? I am reminded that no one got to where they are withhout the help of others. Giving is mandat...
The answer to the title of the posting is so stunningly obvious you will be relieved instantly upon hearing the answer which is this: Whatever is being submitted to you! No need to think it into reality but to invite and act on the present moments input which is so full of activity one could not ...
Any problems when first introduced disturb, command attention, and exist for very simple reasons. 1. they are growth spurter tools (welcomed or not) and 2. to remind us of a part we play and 3. their very existence is for the pleasure of the solution dynamic. Solutions "feed" on problems...ROARIN...
America the beautiful, the land that I love remains the beacon of hope for those here and those around the world & our history as a country bears this out. Tens of millions of people lent their lives to the big picture & still do. That is compelling in its own right. Why? The American way of life...

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