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Fears about staging by realtors.
In the last few days I have been getting calls from investors and realtors looking for a Home Stager.  Here is how to look for a home stager.  How do you look for a realtor?  How do you look for any professional? Before you call 6 "home stagers" there is a certain amount of common sense involved....
  There seems to be different catagories of home buyers, but what first time home buyers want is more of a challenge.  These first time home buyers,..were also the largest group of buyers in 2014, according to Realtor.com, so it is important to look at how we can service their needs.    Because m...
 There should be no instructions on how to sell your house when there's less inventory.   It should be a no brainer.  I have a bad habit of viewing open houses to see how sellers market their homes.  There are plenty of them every weekend. I have a feeling based on my research that not all agents...
Does painting make a difference when selling?  I think so.  I also think the days of "Swiss Coffee" are over!  Nothing is worse than a cold white wall.  Bold colors are out!!!  -- and softer subtle shades of gray, tans, and greens,..or even blues, can make a huge difference in how a buyer will co...
In today's market, selling a home is like a room full of women.  You know what I mean.  You walk into a room,..much like you would your search for the right property, and the best looking ones get the most attention.   Guys get this, too.  When they walk into a room, the hottest looking women get...
Open House season can be a great time for sellers.   I actually love Open House Season.  I can  see all the new listings, the competition, and challenges.  This year seems to be a huge disappoinment.  Now that the market has improved, it seems that too many people who bought those foreclosures or...
 Not all stagers are alike when you are selling your home.  Some stagers only do vacants, and a few will do occupied swellings.  The fact that not all stagers are alike, also means their fees, and services vary as well.  I'm now going on my 5th year in staging, and have learned that since not all...
As a Home Stager I'm always in pursuit of solutions for clients, and I recently discovered dramatic budget friendly flooring solutions, or "squares".   In this era of "distressed", I was looking for a way for sellers to add impact to a room.    I found a company called FLOR, and realized there is...
This past weekend I attended an open house for a bank owned property.  The house truly needed some "work", but when I suggested to the realtors that they have the property staged, the response was "bankers don't want to lose any more money".   Really?   So, if bankers don't want to lose any more ...
The Grand Opening of the Chandler SWAPSMART is this weekend.  Labor day weekend.  The opening includes a Car show, Arts and Crafts Fair, dog adaptions, and more.   SWAPSMART actually has several locations throughout Phoenix, but the Grand Opening of the Chandler SWAMPSMART makes this type of reta...

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