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It's time to get your lawn and plants ready for the Spring and Summer months ahead. Spring cleanups are important to allow for proper maintenance of shrubs and turf areas. All twigs and leaves should be removed.All shrubs should be trimmed low to allow new growth and the filling in of bare spots...
The care of shrubs is very simpleunless they are planted in a space where they will outgrow the space and annual pruning becomes necessaryunless they are planted in a place with the wrong light. A plant in shade that needs light will always be the plant unlikely to thriveif you surround them with...
  Using ice melters to clear snow and ice from walkways is far more effective than chipping away at ice only to find with melting during the day it refreezes overnight and you have to start all over again the next day.Ice melters reduce the temperature at which ice or snow freezes. It is turned ...
Winter in Northern Virginia can be pleasantly mild or harshly severe. Since a crystal ball doesn't give us an accurate prediction as to the future weather it is necessary to take the necessary precaution to protect flowering Spring bulbs.If you plan to mulch do not use wood mulch. It will hold w...
As the son of Art and Karen Kruschka I know two thingsI will get all the help I need as they have always doneI better do it right or I will hear about it I know I will enjoy posting about my business and plan to become a Rainmaker on 1/1/2011. By then I hope to have my profile complete

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