Consistency is absolutely key.  Consistency will trump all other factors.  Rule of thumb is 1 x week for the first 10 weeks then every 10 days until you have 35% market share or more.  Only then can you go to 2 x a month.  With that said, I will tell you that in our media planning with clients ...
I got an interesting email from an agent this week.  No, she's not a client, just someone who had heard that I might be able to help her with a problem she was having.  Someone had taken the time to register a URL, build a website with enough SEO savvy to get top Google ranking that was completel...
 How to Raise Your Standards until You Are Inspired By Them These are the strategies to keep tolerations at bay. You'll want to adapt these to fit for your personality and situation, of course, and add new ones that work best for you. But, it's a place to begin your thinking. Outsource your probl...
  Just a short thought of the day to ponder - When you're inspired, you don't need motivation as much. When you're inspired, your internal "system" is touched to its core and it lasts for at least a year, or often a lifetime. When you're motivated, it's generally temporary, because only your ego ...
"The first step to success is to stop lying to yourself"   I would dare say that the vast majority of people would consider themselves honest, ethical people.  In fact, I was in a room of 500 top producing agents when the speaker asked who in the room felt they had integrity.  98% of the room rai...

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