This week's Council Member Marketing Module is now uploaded and available for download and will be posted for the next 7 days. Session Title - Using PRC to Win with FSBO's Session Description - Most of our sessions revolve around the art of marketing, but what about developing "now" business? Tod...
  Networking, when done correctly, is fun and profitable. I know from my experience, as well as from the experience of my colleagues and clients, that networking is a great way to meet new friends and make valuable connections for my business, which often result in new clients. After all, we all ...
Secrets to Successful Branding - The Law of the Generic   If, we, as the real estate community really understood the concept of branding and its importance, we would save a fortune by cutting the misplaced dollars we are spending in the name of "getting their name out there."Most of us are re-tre...
I am asked from time to time why some do so well in this business and some, well, don't. There are more than a handful of "secrets" but there are very few that are more important that mastering your relatioanl skills. In fact, there is nothing in this world that pays better, in every realm of lif...
"In life, you are either moving in the direction you want to go or someone is moving you in a direction they want you to go." Who do you let make or influence your decisions?  Really, who has access to that area of your life?  Is it a spouse, a manager, a coach, or do you regulate that all import...
When I see a high performance agent or team hit the skids or slide sideways in business, it is almost always a problem on the personal level.  One of the reoccurring issues is a tap root of bitterness that is held.  In order to break free and get back on track we need to pause the business coachi...
 Most of our marketing efforts as an industry have been a series of trial and error decisions, made on a reactionary basis at the hands of a professional salesperson trying to extol the benefits of their wares.  It has had very little root in systematic evaluation or factual data.  We have been s...

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