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Here is a great site that a couple of my agents use for mapping homes for their tours, www.Dashfly.com.  It's free. You can add many stops in any order, change order and get a map that uses Google mapping that shows the locations, you can also print out the file for yourself or for your clients i...
This brass mailbox comes from The Dresden, on Connecticut Avenue, in Washington, DC, considered one of DC's best addresses.  Not that this is a- typical in DC on other historic buildings, this just had detailing that was intresting and still had the original lock. I forgot to ask if it was still ...
I shoot horizontal most of the time. Reason for this is a three-fold. First, it gives a perspective of more of the size of the, allowing more of what is valuable to be seen, i.e. build-ins, windows, where the walls meet. Second, I achieve more shots of the same size lined up from top to bottom on...
Here is a forgotten piece of history that I found in a home in Washington, DC on Chain Bridge Road. The home was built in 1976 but was inspired by architecture done in the 60's, I present the Conversation Pit-  a social design idea that was not long lived; a sunken-in room with seating around the...
This came from a home in NW, Washington DC on Yuma Street. It appeared in the entry foyer of the 1922 home. It was owned at one time by Senator Phil Gram. It was noted by the owner of the home that the eagle's head was facing the wrong way for this style of crest.
Summer is here. I have seen a few winter shoots on the web and this is a message for those agents, it is time to update the listing photos from winter to now. Listings are lasting a lot longer on the market from the previous years. You should update the images to reflect the best of the season. S...
This wallpaper was located in the dining room of a home from 1917 on Lamont St. NW, Washington, DC. The paper was created by Zuber & Cei, of Rixheim, France. This vibrant wall mural was not created over night. They ink some 1,500 wooden plates applying 192 color on a typical edition of 50 panels....
I have seen a number of my agents get good results from buying a large bag of generic, cheap, charcoal briquettes and putting it in homes that have dank, musky smells. Just put a bag in the rooms with the problem.  Place the bag lying down on its back, having the front facing the ceiling. Cut a c...
A great all Victorian fireplace and mantel from a historic home on Warwick Street, Somerset Maryland from 1882. Cast iron relief panels of 3 cherubs holding veils on back and sides with tile surround. I do not come across many of these, most people today remodel them out to put a gas fire place.
We all are told that real estate is LLL; well if that is the case what I have  seen from other people's web work and fact sheets normally shows only photos of the home. I have a number of agents that go the extra mile to set the scene of the home and where it is located. Take pictures of the area...

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