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The Best Day for Listing Your Hagerstown Home is… “Mansion” is the Wall Street Journal’s entry into the high-end real estate magazine world. Well, not quite a magazine -- it’s an extra section they run on Fridays. It’s a nice diversion for those who want to read about really rich people selling t...
Buying a Hagerstown Home … With a $0 Down Payment? Some of the area’s wealthiest buyers may be getting a mortgage without putting a single dollar down. And we aren’t talking about single-bedroom fixer-uppers, either! It's called 100% financing, and, at first blush, it looks suspiciously like a ve...
Hagerstown Open Houses and Losing All That Junk!  Why so many open houses in Hagerstown? The reason is because they are so effective -- not only by instantly spreading notice that a property is seriously entering the market, but also by creating a firm target date – a day when all concerned agree...
Excellent Opportunity to purchase your own Dry Cleaning Business Prime commercial location lucrative and well established cleaners in Hagerstown with point of sale and steady customer base, business enjoys a strong mix of over-the-counter, route, hotel, and commercial accounts, Business has an e...
The Underpublicized Hagerstown Real Estate Option In case you missed it, there is at least one widely overlooked Hagerstown real estate investment possibility that can be available to active IRA holders. Especially if you are among those who look at the current Hagerstown real estate market and f...
Knowing the Rules Eases Buying Homes in Hagerstown Sometimes, even after your mortgage application has been approved, you have to scratch your head at apparent non-sequiturs that attach to the process (for instance, when a loan is made contingent upon your repaying an ultra-low-interest credit ac...
    Building private or institutional capital is dependent upon a wide variety of factors including market trends, the future outlook of the economy, and the resources each investor or group of investors has at hand to devote to the building of a solid real estate investment portfolio. Here at C...
Hagerstown Businesses Helped by Housing’s ‘Snowball Effect’ The Weather Channel has nothing to do with it. What’s happening up in the ski resorts, likewise. The ‘snowball effect’ being discussed in print and on TV won’t soften anytime soon (even if the groundhog was right about winter being over...
Bargain-Hunters Find a Hagerstown Market That Isn’t Waiting Anyone who is buying a house in Hagerstown -- or even just checking up on the market -- is likely to find that some of the rules of the game seem to have shifted. Particularly anyone expecting to be deluged by the kind of amazing deals b...
Potomac Hall Business Center On behalf of Potomac Hall Business Center in Hagerstown I would like to welcome Dawn Nathaniel Lead Inspections Services to our professional group of like-minded business professionals looking to create long term relationships with people and companies where we will ...

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Robertos Hagerstown Real Estate Blog Real Estate in Frederick County, Washington County and Surrounding Areas.