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Part 2: What First Time Hagerstown Homebuyers Aren’t Told, Of all the things first time homebuyers in Washington County are told, some that turn out to be pretty important are too often overlooked. Here are four items first time homebuyers will find useful to know: 4. Remodeling costs more than ...
Interactive Map Search Technology    At RG REALTY INC we strive to offer the latest in real estate technologies. We've recently unveiled our new multi- source real-time interactive map search technology, Our innovative new intelligent real estate search tools allows you to save searches and be no...
Hagerstown Mortgage Snoozers Could Be Losers! Your mortgage: you only think about it once a month (if you’re on autopay, maybe not even that often). Why worry about it? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right? Wrong! Like all aspects of your big-picture financial planning, keeping an eye on that m...
Wednesday, March 20, 2013- 4:00PM         It's No Secret that Vince's Offers Great Pizza   For over two decades, Vince's New York Pizza has offered the best Italian dining in Smithsburg, Maryland.  Why choose Vince's? Only the best ingredients Everything made fresh daily...
Part 1: What First Time Hagerstown Homebuyers Aren’t Told? First time homebuyers in Hagerstown are told a lot of things — “Save your money,” their parents advise. “Location, location, location!” their friend’s friend cautions. Reasonable advice, for certain. But there some important elements of t...
Homes for Sale Price Rises Highest in 7 Years When real estate occupies most of your day (as it certainly does mine), you find yourself receiving no end of information. Some summarize points of view that are available elsewhere; some provide original information that isn’t particularly relevant t...
What Creates Hagerstown Property Listings Leaders, “Curb appeal” is an instantly understandable byword: one every home seller hears. You can see for yourself how Washington County property listings that feature sparkling exterior shots with superior ‘curb appeal’ instantly draw your attention — a...
4 Ways to Make Money in Real Estate, Most people mistakenly believe that the only way to make money in real estate is through cash flow and home appreciation. This common misconception is fueled by financial advisers and real estate agents who look at property the same way they look at paper asse...
Investing In Hagerstown, Explore the possibilities of guided real estate investment based upon proprietary market data, exceptional expertise, and innovative solutions designed to cultivate profitable purchases through well-informed buying decisions at all levels of investment portfolios includin...
Hagerstown Open House Touches To Make Things Happen! When you are getting near to zero hour for your first open house in Hagerstown, you should know some of the simple moves homeowners can make to help ensure success. Here are three of them -- three ways you can approach your area open house to m...

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Robertos Hagerstown Real Estate Blog Real Estate in Frederick County, Washington County and Surrounding Areas.