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This year April 15 falls on a Monday —for many, that undoubtedly bodes ill for the weekend preceding. Tax time may be the leading contender for everyone’s least favorite time of year, yet there are some potential breaks of sunlight shining through the tax time overcast. Most of us know these alre...
Hagerstown Luxury Homes Need Luxury Financing, Any home carrying a price tag of $1 million or more generally falls into the ‘luxury property’ category.¬¬ To finance it, a luxury loan is called for. Since financing luxury homes in Hagerstown can be more challenging than financing run-of-the-mill p...
It was fascinating reading: especially if you currently have, or are looking for, a Hagerstown home for sale. The New York Times’ headline was “After You Read the Listings, Your Agent Reads You.” I thought that sounded sort of hokey — especially since I’m one of the agents who is supposed to be d...
Observers of residential real estate nation-wide have started sounding a new upbeat note. It has to do with the effect of recent shifts in buying and selling — some of which may well affect investment real estate in Hagerstown, too. Hagerstown investment real estate has always drawn area resident...
Setting the Stage for Hagerstown Real Estate Listings, Remember the days when you didn’t have to rummage furiously through the house to find a ringing phone, because it stayed where it was supposed to be—plugged into the wall? You remember: it used to take less than 10 minutes to check out the TV...
The concept of “starter homes” cropped up after the end of the Second World War, when millions of young families took advantage of low-cost new developments to gain a foothold in home ownership: the emblematic first step in fulfilling the American Dream. Today’s first-time Hagerstown home buyers ...
Features That Set Hagerstown Luxury Homes Above the Crowd, Some Hagerstown luxury homes are so distinctive that they stubbornly resist fitting into any simple category. Whether due to unusual architecture or unique geographical features, such properties remain in a class of their own. But for mos...
A Hagerstown short sale is the option usually preferred by anyone who faces foreclosure. It’s the path that, with the approval of the mortgage lender, promises to ultimately minimize damage to the homeowner’s credit score. According to Realty Trac, distressed sales of all kinds continued to decre...
Hagerstown Property Values Benefit from Spring Ritual. The first day of spring falls on the 20th—making Wednesday the day many homeowners start planning their ritual seasonal maintenance. Spring is also the traditional launch of the busy season in real estate, when safeguarding Washington County ...
Never mind what those TV get-rich-quick infomercials would have us believe: building long-term wealth requires focus and patience. Patience, because a steady growth is a more reliable strategy than flashier single investment ‘wins’ — and focus, because opportunities slip past when daily demands s...

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