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Buyers’agent, sellers’agent. In every Hagerstown real estate transaction, the differences are easy to understand, right? Not quite. A potential linguistic trapdoor can lie right around the corner. For openers, that sellers' agent may also be called the ‘listing agent’ – both mean the same thing....
Epic War between 2 great fighters finally has come to an end in a dramatic fashion on Saturday night before 16,000 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas , Juan Manuel Marquez was coming to avenge 3 previous split decision from previous fights but Manny was off to a good start trading hard punches with Ma...
With the rancorous elections finally behind us and Hagerstown property prices on the rise, public sentiment is markedly improving. Last week, Neilson released its Consumer Confidence Survey, now showing the strongest level in more than four and a half years. My guess is that 2012 will likely mark...
I have been wondering why I have been getting very high electric bills for a couple months now, I normally get home in the evenings and the first thing I notice is that all lights are on in the house!! If I see a light on in a room that is not being used, it actually bothers me and I have to go t...
Condominiums in Hagerstown continue to offer unique attractions for all kinds of homebuyers -- not least because of their often ultra-competitive price points. Nationally, condos continue to be real bargains -- statistics show them to continue to underperform the rest of the housing market, which...
When you check into the latest realty listings in Hagerstown, you come away with an accurate snapshot our current market. But when you are thinking of the future, and where values might be headed, it’s also useful to think nationally. Useful, yes: but careful! There is a tendency to mentally equa...
A public information meeting was held on October 9, 2012 to present the latest news and progress on the new Multi-Use Sports and Events Center, where the community gathered to address their questions and concerns and to support the project. Here is a video with a summary that will answer must of ...
  Besides a Tax Break, Inflation Protection and the stream of Income a real estate investment is a tangible asset that you can see and touch. While the value of stocks can be artificially inflated and people can steal from a brokerage account, real estate is relatively safe from fraudulent schem...
Section 8 Rental Housing   The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) provides housing assistance to very low-income families and individuals throughout the United States. The Section 8 rental certificate program uses a voucher system in which the applicant is approved for a certa...
You are a newlywed couple in your late 20’s with decent jobs, respectable income, and reasonable credit. You’ve started your search to buy a home in Hagerstown, but when you walk into the bank to pre-qualify for a loan, to your surprise, you find out… NOT! You’re not alone. The Federal Reserve st...

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Robertos Hagerstown Real Estate Blog Real Estate in Frederick County, Washington County and Surrounding Areas.