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Building Your Hagerstown Dream Home Building a new home exactly the way you’ve always wanted it may not be as unattainable as it might seem. To take the first step toward making any dream home real, you have to see if it’s practical: map out how much building it today would cost. Start by nailing...
Homeowners who are puzzling over whether to add their property to the Hagerstown home listings this winter (rather than hold back until spring) have more than just timing to factor into their decision. How their offering will stack up alongside the other home listings is a prime consideration. Th...
    RG REALTY is pleased to announce that as of January 1st, 2013, we will be moving to our new office location. Our office will now be located at the Hagerstown Business Center 113 South Potomac Street in Hagerstown right across from the new Public Library located in the revitalized Arts & Ente...
Keeping control of your kitchen is one of the most basic actions you can take to help your real estate agent sell your home. The execution can be simple when it’s approached systematically. Especially during winter, kitchen control can seem an all but unmanageable task. Days are shorter; kids or ...
Having survived last week’s End of the World, you might think the coast would be clear for a while. But -- at least when it comes to Hagerstown real estate matters -- some would have you believe we are face-to-face with another extreme dire threat: the Internet buzz about a (gasp!) huge new feder...
  Sending wishes to you and yours for a beautiful Holiday Season to bring you the music of laughter, the warmth of friendship, and, always, love for you and your family and bring you all the warmth this Holiday Season has to offer. Have a wonderful Christmas and a New Year  Frm RG REALTY and Rob...
  I hope you have a wonderful Christmas, May your world be filled with warmth and good cheer this Holy season, and throughout the year. Wish your Christmas be filled with peace and love Hopefully Santa will be extra good to you .enjoy your holidays! And a great new year!  
One of the effects of the steady national rise in home prices is a shift in attitude by previously cautious consumers. It’s only natural to find more people focused on buying homes in Hagerstown while it is still relatively inexpensive to do so. Homeowners who are listing their own Hagerstown pro...
   Though many people own real estate in the form of their personal home, real estate can also make a profitable investment vehicle. While real estate has risks like all other investments, real estate offers an investor a lot of different advantages over stocks and other similar investments Cont...
If you are an Hagerstown homeowner struggling with the decision about whether listing your home for sale during the winter months is good or bad, there are arguments for either choice. Let’s start with the “pros”: One of the best things I like about listing your home for sale in the winter months...

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