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I was just reading a blog that made me go on a Rant! was about how one agent went to the trouble to help a perspective client find a home only to have them use another agent to close the deal. This is a really sore subjec...
Here are some reasons to use a Real Estate Professional.1. They Know the Market in Your area2. They are more familiar with how to market your home to your best advantage.3. R. E. Professionals have more experience in home sales.4. Did I mention the paperwork?5. Hiring an R.E. Professional can sav...
With all the bad news over the economy it is more bad news. Today the fed just signaled another rate cut. is this bad or is this good what do you think? Comment and let me Check out this link know . More bad news about he econom...
This may be a small town, however, Don't hit the snooze button.  If you want a great place to raise your kids in a family friendly neighborhood, Check it out. Thats all I am Saying. Is your job transferring you to Southern California? Are you tired of all the big city hustle and bustle? Have you ...
I wonder if any of you seasoned professionals can give me a few good pointers on finding the buyers.  They seem to be hiding in my neighborhood. I am all over the net, I drive around town with magnets on my car(drivers side, passenger side, even the tailgate). I network, My signs have my name and...
Sometimes when I am trying to think of what to blog about next I stop and think Blog Blog Blog!  What do I blog about today.  Do I have anything useful to say today?  Why bother!  Then I think maybe I can think of a funny story I heard or some great information I heard (must verify first), How ab...
I don't know about all of you, I like to comment on others blogs. Not for points (of course that is a plus), Rather Because I enjoyed their blog, or learned something new, or simply liked the catchy title. I comment even if I reached my 10 for the day. I like the idea of networking, it helps us l...
Well today I am blogging about Sky Country Elementary School in Mira Loma.  On Saturday March 8, 2008 the School Will Be having their annual Sky Country International Festival. It is a really fun Community Event.  Each class is represents a Different Country.  There is Food, Games, Raffle all pro...
Hello everyone I was just wondering if I can get tips on disabling emails when comments are made on my blogs? Is there a way? I just keep getting the replies like normal, however the are sent to my email in-box also.  I am getting comments twice. It kind of clogs up the in-box.  Thanks in advance...
In theJurupa community our Library is now offering Free computer training, Starting with the most basic of basic information for the newest of newbies on up.  We have a great Library system is Riverside County California. First they had and still have story time for different age groups then they...

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