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I heard today that Rep. Rubio said last night that the tax break we will get if the bill passes in January 2008 won't be much. A few hundred dollars and portability. He urged everyone to vote for the bill saying you should never turn down a tax break no matter how small. If the bill doesn't pass ...
It is amazing how resilient our economy is. In the midst of a real estate collapse, brokers going out of business by the thousands, developers walking away from projects, contractors looking for work and our financial institutions taking billons in loan losses and firing CEOs by the handful our s...
Have you received your Miami-Dade Notice Of Proposed Taxes ? I have. I guess I shouldn't be shocked by the fact that I didn't get any reduction in the amount. School Tax wasn't touched as it was exempted. Palmetto Bay was also exempted as it was new. The difference between last year actual and th...
Sometimes you write about something other than Real Estate.Ralei Sealey is a great kid. At Gulliver Schools he is a star basketball, football and track star. More importantly is the fact that he is a kind, polite and intelligent young man 15 years of age, well liked by all of his student friends ...
Finally someone has exhibited common sense and a sound management style. Dade County Commission Chairman Bruno Barreiro was able to convince our County Mayor to send his people back to the budget meetings that will hopefully reduce property tax in Dade County. We should all send Chairman Barreiro...
It is a sad state of affairs when our own government is lobbying against the voters to keep property taxes where they are. When government gets so big that the private sector can not support it and it effects business, then we as citizens need to do something about it. Contact your congressman an...

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