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This week's entry was a shot I took when my then new puppy decided he needed a job.  Personally I would have given him time till he grew up a little before demanding he contribute to the household, but he was in a hurry to earn his keep. Getting a photo of a moving target like a puppy required g...
After a short reprieve for the holiday, Santa Paws and his amiable family of elves return once more to hibernation till next year.  Their smiling faces will be missed by all who encountered them.  If I didn't think I might be perceived as "that strange dog lady," I might be tempted to leave them...
A quick post by one of my facebook friends sent me on a journey that filled me with discomfort, horror, and profound sadness.  I wound up watching what appeared to be a marathon of "Hoarders - Buried Alive" episodes on TLC, and shuddering at the inconceivability of the situations these people fou...
This one was too good not to reblog.  For anyone who has suffered from writer's block (and who of us hasn't at some time or other), feast your eyes on this banquet of ideas.  Mimi has given us a great gift to start off the new year.More blogging ideas for the New Year  Mind-block Remover  If one ...
So where would I rather be, here in the cold, wintry northeast, or on the links with one of my favorite people in the world.  Look at that backdrop!  It looks like a postcard.    Although I've always said "I'll grow where you plant me," right about now I'm not quite sure.  Arizona is calling my n...
Though germinating for a long time, it really started shortly before Thanksgiving.  I was walking through a supermarket in search of candles.  The hour was late, but shoppers populated every aisle, in quest of last minute items for their holiday feast. My family had moved across the country two y...
I got to witness the last vestiges of 2011 slip away last night in the company of friends, as the almost 12,000 lb. Waterford crystal ball in Times Square made its final descent to the flagpole below.  There was something cathartic about it.  2011 was finally finished, relegated to history, makin...
This 27th day of December brought with it a number of promising surprises.  Three separate buyers chose today to inquire about a number of homes in the area.  I can't help but wonder whether it's a portent of things to come.  Certainly promising at the very least.  This has been an extraordinary ...
I won't be the least bit sorry to see it pass into the annals of history.  For me, on a personal level, it was a time of change, certainly a time of reflection and sadly a time of loss.  One of my dear friends left this planet quite unexpectedly earlier this year, taking a piece of me with her, a...
It's been a crazy busy couple of weeks, with more to do than hours in the day. I'm not complaining, it actually felt a lot like the old days.  In the middle of everything, I got a frantic call from a colleague in another office.  She had shown my listing a few times to a family who showed a marke...

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