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I do love disposable coveralls.  The crawlspaces that I frequent seem to be places where critters relieve themselves and where they decide to die.  All of that feces, urine and dead carcasses add up to some pretty disgusting crawling and it can be challenging to bring my coveralls in the house af...
You have gotten an offer accepted and scheduled with the best and brightest home inspector in town.  Now it is time to check out his legal disclaimers. Home inspectors as a rule do not accept liability.  It sounds funny, but in truth it is a defense against what we couldn't see.  That means that ...
A top notch, local, Salem, Oregon area agent, my friend and web guru Melina w/ Tomson Burnham LLC had a great idea for a series titled:  What to Expect when you're Inspecting.  Cute and clever and she said she would let me use it for a series. I figured I would start from the beginning of the hom...
Alright, time for me to jump on the band wagon. I am doing some trials on adding videos to my inspection reports so that may be in the future as well. Thanks for watching. This video will soon be on the welcome page of my little Salem, Oregon home inspection website:
Most home maintenance items are very simple.  In fact most are so simple it is easy to underestimate the importance.  If home owners would do these routine maintenance items my job might be severely limited.  One item in particular I often say gets done when people move in to the home and when th...
I do love my job.  I was chatting with another home inspector the other day and we chuckled that if it wasn't for creative home owners and contractors not doing their jobs properly we would be out of work.  On a recent home inspection here in Salem, Oregon I popped my head into the attic space of...
I do enjoy reading most of Charles' posts.  In fact I like what he has going on I intend to borrow some of his ideas (imitation is, after all, the highest form of flattery).  A while back he posted a pretty good post on multi-circuit wiring and I would like to give my own take: A material and man...
You all know about Facebook.  It is not like it is a new and exciting breakthrough in technology.  I apparently have been living in a cave and I have only recently discovered the magic of Facebook.   When I first started my career as a home inspector my boss was a very talented marketer and he ta...
The foreclosure boom has done more than weeded out the agent pool.  It is also creating a real blank spot in the histories of a large number of homes.  With out the disclosures of the previous owners there are fewer and fewer explanations for issues that might have been easily remedied I was doin...
I guess the owner does this every year when he opens but this is the first year I have heard about it:  Free ice cream!! That's right boys and girls.  The best farmers market/morphed restaurant has opened for the season and is giving away free ice cream cones. My kids and wife and I have been par...

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