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I have been having so much fun with my fan page and my picture challenge I decided to branch out and have it help me get some Google juice. The idea is:  I post a picture, thermal/infrared or interesting visual picture that I capture on a recent home inspection. Then you guess what the picture i...
Finally I am getting around to posting part 4 of 4 of my fascinating series on water heaters.  Although not the sexiest component in our homes, hot water is a very important part of modern life. Water heaters in general are reliable for around 10 years.  They can last much longer or they can star...
I really love doing home inspections on new homes.  I come from a background in construction and I feel very comfortable in a spanking new home with the smell of new paint and the sparkling fixtures. Over the years I have come to know that when it comes time to write the inspection report on a ne...
The job of a home inspector is to provide the most precise and in depth information that is feasible for the time and cost.  Part of my service includes thermal imaging and it still surprises me that I am still the only inspector in Salem, Oregon that is taking advantage of this pocket ace. Ther...
It can be difficult to find qualified, professionals that have the "heart of a teacher" and will actually treat you right.  The state of Oregon has a regulation system for home inspectors and home inspections (check out the Oregon State Standards of Practice for Home Inspections). These regulati...
It is proven over and over that banks should not be the primary owner of homes.  Very simple tasks, like returning a phone call or turning the gas on, turn into monumental chores that very rarely get completed properly.   Recently I got the chance to inspect a bank owned property here in Salem, ...
There are a few things to look at when inspecting this oh-so mundane of household appliances.  If you have read my earlier posts or seen the MythBusters, you would understand that the pressure and temperatures contained in this vessel are nothing to be taken lightly.   Properly Installed Seismic...
There are a few important things to ensure when it comes to everyone's favorite modern bomb convenience, the water heater. In part 1 I wrote about where they should be located to prevent unwanted house fires.  Today I will discuss probably the single most important feature to ensure these tanks ...
Sexy, stylish, fashionable or even all that interesting your water heater is not. (unless you have one of those tankless systems, but that another blog)  Although much maligned your water heater is an important part of modern living and it really makes indoor plumbing enjoyable.There are a few t...

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