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It has gotten super hot early this summer all over Texas. We cannot ignore the fact that it is just plain, ole, H O T ! So, how can you combat this heat since it doesn't appear that it is going away any time soon?Here are some things to do in Granbury, Texas to combat the nast heat:1. Get out on ...
Granbury, Texas is well-known for its fantastic 4th of July Celebration.  Our Chamber does a fantastic job organizing and coordinating all of the wonderful activities. If you live within driving distance, this is a weekend to consider heading out to this cute, little, historic town.Grab a room at...
With the advent of the recent shutdown, many business models have changed. Even prior to the shutdown, trends were showing many real estate professionals opting for a more virtual setting for their businesses. We are in a very historic and tourist-type of town. A local presence has been the prefe...
Father's Day for many is a difficult time due to varying circumstances. Personally, I never knew my biological father but thankfully, I had many excellent "fill-in" father figures who helped me navigate growing up and beyond. I am thankful for the men who stepped in!Dad Dad - We called my materna...
I've had many people ask me where I do my recording for my Podcast. Through a lot of trial and error, I have finally mastered a great, small space that fits my recording needs perfectly. Now, I can share some tips that I've learned along the way to help you create that perfect podcasting space.Yo...
We often give others pats on the back, words of encouragement, and assistance. How often do we do the same for ourselves? I find that most of us are super hard on ourselves and are the most critical.What runs through your mind is critical to your overall well-being. Take a moment to listen to you...
Last night here in North Texas, we experienced a true, Texas hail storm. It was one of those storms that snuck up very quickly, threw down huge chunks of hail, and then left as quickly as it started. We call these types of storms, "gully washers", or more crudely, "turd floaters".When these storm...
We have an interesting challenge this month by Kat Palmiotti regarding our thoughts on Artificial Intelligence. This ought to be quite interesting reading. My thoughts come from a place of sincere concern.First, let's look at what the words, artificial intelligence actually mean:Artificial - Some...
I know many of you may be weary of reading my moving experience posts. But, can I just say - whew! For the past two weeks, I have been non-stop in moving mode. And when I mean moving, I literally mean - physically moving!I wear an Oura ring that tracks my steps, sleep, respiration, and more. On t...
Deep in the heart of east Texas in Longview, a hidden treasure of entrepreneurship and success lies. A young couple, Shaun and Katheryn Baker started crafting gorgeous and unique antler chandeliers, sconces, candlesticks, and more right in their backyard workshop. Anterlworx was born out of hard ...

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