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When I was a little girl, I used to spend hours decorating my Barbie house. I loved using a bookshelf that I would design each floor of Barbie's fabulous penthouse apartment. Each shelf would be transformed into a decorator's dream.Today, this dream came to life as my husband and I transformed an...
Many people believe a real estate transaction is fairly straightforward. Your client determines they want a property, your agent prepares the documents, the offer is presented, and voila–you are under contract. Well, not so fast! Real estate transactions are varied, unique, and are never the same...
I wanted to share a bonus chapter that you may find fascinating. Did you know that you have a tiny gland located in the center of your brain that manufactures and dispenses two very important chemicals? These chemicals are essential for getting great sleep and for enhanced mood.There is so much i...
         Dr. Paula tackles the big topic of "the jab". In this episode, she examines the controversial issue through the lens of both science and our God-given immunity system. Applying her own life story, she shares a fresh perspective on the issue that she hopes will leave you feeling empowered...
Yesterday, I had the great pleasure of meeting our own Carol Williams right here in Granbury, Texas! Carol as many of you know, is traveling the country and taking time to meet up with lots of Active Rainer's!We met up at a local barbeque place on the lake and just enjoyed getting to know one ano...
           Are you holding onto regret? Are you living in unforgiveness toward YOURSELF? If so, you are not alone. Many people struggle with guilt, shame, negative self-talk, and feelings of unworthiness. However, these emotions can not only keep you from living in the freedom that Christ desires...
For those who may be wondering about climbing the Active Rain Leaderboard and what it means, this post is for you. Eleven years ago when I began blogging here in the Rain, I had no idea about points, leaderboards, or any of the other nuances of this blogging site.Through the years, as blogging ha...
          In this episode, Dr. Paula shares the details of her upcoming Summit event, to be held October 14th in Granbury, Texas! Amidst a world of seeming chaos, fear and pandemic, there has never been a better time to take an inward look at their own health and well-being. As we are challenged ...
Granbury, Texas is a perfect place to come and visit during the month of October. Book your rooms now so you can come and experience this small, historic town during one of our best seasons of the year. Take a look at all of these phenomenal activities taking place this month:The Sleepy Hollow Ex...
Recently, a fellow real estate broker in my town has taken me to task over my choice of religious institutions from whom I chose to receive my Doctorate in Theology. He is also claiming that my degree in "HIS" opinion is false and fake. Here is his direct quote from a letter received from his att...

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