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Most of you have probably noticed that the world, our nation, states, and individual communities are split regarding many topics. We all know there will never be 100 percent consensus on any given topic. However, at some point, we must focus on what really matters.Many of you are experiencing rec...
Father's Day for me has always been a bit off. When I learned of my biological father at the age of 18, it was, of course, a shocker. The next big shock was when I did learn of him, he had passed away two years prior. My tender 18-year-old heart was confused and bruised.As in many cases, there ar...
Today I was on a busy road and was stopped while waiting to exit the off-ramp. I could see a truck coming up behind me at a high rate of speed and it looked as if a direct rear-end collision was going to happen. I could feel myself preparing for impact.Thankfully, the driver was able to maneuver ...
                     In our historic, Texas town, we celebrate Memorial Day in a big way. We are proud Texans who hold our military and our fallen veterans in very high esteem. As you drive into Granbury this time of year, you will be greeted by our beautiful, Field of Flags.As you drive into Gra...
The horrific event this week here in Texas has no doubt, rocked each and every one of us. We have children and grandchildren, and we know teachers, principals, and staff members in all of our communities. This kind of event touches all of us.As a current school board trustee in my little Texas to...
Let me set this scenario for you:I listed an unimproved acreage lot in a brand-new development. No homes yet, just roads and infrastructure. Received an offer on MY listing and was set to close in just a few days when the phone rang...."Hey, Paula, This is agent so and so and WE HAVE A PROBLEM!" ...
This will be fun as we read all about one another in this May Challenge by Kathy Streib! So, here we go.......1. What was your first job and what did you learn from it? My first real job after college was a Health Consultant at a Preventive Medicine Center. This was back in the 80's and we were o...
Have you ever been so focused on a situation that you completely lost sight of the mission or the lesson? A great example is found in the Bible in John 5 when Jesus asks the paralyzed man if he wants to be healed. When Jesus heals the man, the religious leaders are appalled because the healing to...
My husband and I recently completed the renovation of our 100+-year-old, historic building on our town Square. We lovingly restored this beauty over the past year and it was truly an adventure. Today, we are the proud owners of a boutique 7-room suite hotel upstairs along with three retail spaces...
When Debe Maxwell, CRS  challenged us to create a collage to depict what Active Rain means to us, I immediately thought this would be a fun and creative challenge. There are so many reasons I love this platform and that in a nutshell is my Active Rain FAMILY! For those of you who haven't discover...

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