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Right here in Granbury, Texas, we were in the path of totality with the solar eclipse. Our little town experienced a boom of extra people as many came to witness this event. It truly was a once-in-a-lifetime event.We were prepared with our eclipse glasses, our Spotify playlist of "eclipse" music ...
It's been a hot minute since my last, "Saturday Soundness" post. This post may seem to have a really strange title. Soil? What on earth?I have been, "digging in" to the subject of "soil" for a while and wanted to share some really interesting information with you. We all understand the various so...
As a mother and grandmother who has sat through many, many Little League games, it suddenly hit me that there are many similarities between our tiniest of athletes and the "sport" of real estate. And, any of you who have navigated the "game" of real estate, you fully understand the ups and downs ...
One of our long-time, local real estate brokers, Shirley Hooks recently passed. She forged the real estate community in our area for many decades. Not only was she a force in real estate, she was instrumental as a major philanthropist and community leader on many fronts.Shirley, who was preceded ...
I know, I know! Many of you live where you see this white stuff all of the time. However, here in Texas, when we get even a slight dusting of this beautiful white stuff, we go bonkers! Let us enjoy our snow day! Truly though, it is beautiful.So what to do on a snow day? How about staying in your ...
Have you ever thought about the fact that with the advent of a new year, it is a time of lots of nakedness? What caused me to think about this is just looking out of the window this time of year and seeing our bare trees and shrubs. Also, when you take down all of your Christmas decorations, the ...
As we get back to somewhat of a routine after the holidays, this is always a great time of year to reflect on what is going on with the real estate industry. With the recent NAR and other copycat lawsuits, many changes could be eminent this year and the coming years after. It will be important to...
Dear ActiveRain Family,I, along with Kathleen Daniels, Probate & Trust Specialist hosted the December Challenge. Kathleen called me months ago to ask if I would co-host with her. I graciously accepted and then, life happened. My journey here in the Rain has been a winding road. There are times wh...
When life becomes a bit stressful, having your endorphins kick in will provide you with a needed boost. And, this boost doesn't involve unnecessary calories or require you to exercise. Who doesn't LOVE that?This adorable little boy in this video steals the show as he dances his heart out! What a ...
It's so funny that my, "Saturday Soundness" post is on the topic of balance. It has been a busy week and weekend, and I knew I just wouldn't be able to get this post in yesterday. Therefore, here it is late.I was speaking with another Active Rainer about this topic just this week. As self-employe...

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