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Experienced, full time REALTOR Licensed in NH, & ME "Experience isn't's Priceless!"..Work with an expert...Call Patricia direct today for your real estate needs-(603) 944 1465.
  Buying a Builder Home Without Representation Can be a Nightmare.  This is a scary and unfortunately true story.  All names are being protected in this story.  Buyers need to take buying a home from a builder very seriously when they enter a builder's sales center and make sure they are fully re...
  I don't know why, but I still find it amazing when Potential Buyers get mad at me for not dropping everything at a moments notice and meeting them at a vacant house.  Mind you, complete strangers!  By my nature, I am a friendly person, never met a stranger and can ALWAYS strike up a conversatio...
  If you’ve followed advice given here about sprucing up your home's exterior, well done!  Now let’s focus attention on the next thing potential buyers will see - the front door and the interior.  Now is the time for spring-cleaning and to show off your home's best features. Repaint that front do...
       Moms can be kind, understanding, sympathetic, nurturing, patient, complicated, longsuffering, unfathomable and even irritating and insufferable at times----you know----mothers.       If this was not the way it was supposed to be----they would not have been made out of women.       We all h...
  If You Don't Know How to Cook, Get OUT of the Kitchen!  You see, right now, there are too many cooks in the kitchen who don't even know how to boil water!  Hire a chef or go to culinary school, I say!   Annoyed?  That's an UNDERSTATEMENT!  Isn't there something in the Code of Ethics regarding m...
  I was reading something very interesting today on the Profile of Texas Homebuyers and Sellers report that was published for 2009...18% of Homebuyers were single FEMALE8% of Homebuyers were single MALEWOW!  Those numbers stand out significantly!  I read further to see what the National statistic...
  They say change is constant.  Nothing stays the same.  We all know this to be true because we can see change happening around us all the time. But sometimes change is awfully strange.  Take for example, the change that is coming to how we sell real estate in our part of the world.  Pretty soon,...
  Once an offer is accepted most sellers breath a sign of relief. After sometimes months of marketing, their wait is over! Or is it?? When my sellers sign that buy/sell agreement I let them hug, cry, scream, etc... then we have "the talk".  Let's look at what can go wrong between signing that con...
It happens to me several times each year; I inspect a home for a buyer, I point out a construction defect, then I get a call from an angry seller or seller’s agent, accusing me of being wrong. If someone challenges my call, I’m always happy to provide an authoritative reference to prove that I’m...
  One of the most common questions homebuyers ask me as we're walking around the inside of homes they're considering is "What Should I Be Looking for in the House?"  This question arises most commonly among first-time buyers who haven't spent much time previously exploring houses. Since everyone ...

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Experienced, full time REALTOR Licensed in NH, & ME "Experience isn't's Priceless!"..Work with an expert...Call Patricia direct today for your real estate needs@ (603)944-1465.