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Realtors need leads, and lots of them, to run a successful Real Estate Business. Working leads takes time though, and many Realtors struggle once they start getting a high volume of calls or inquiries. Do you harness the power of technology to capture these leads? Or does that one phone call get...
Cape Coral, Florida.  As CBS News called it this morning - "Ground Zero of the housing crisis" last year.  But one Realtor is turning that tide with an innovative approach to marketing foreclosures.  Marc Joseph of Foreclosures Tours R Us is shepherding literal boatloads of potential buyers to mu...
For 10 years I worked in an office setting, and then for 3 more as a teacher in a classroom.  Imagine my excitement when I got my Real Estate license and could finally work from home!  I had this vision of having snacks ready for my oldest daughter when she walked in the door from school, and wat...
I'm sitting here in a local café typing this blog into a Word document and feeling entirely cut off from the world as I wait for the wireless router to be reset so that I can get "plugged back in."    And it got me thinking about how connected we are with today's technology.  So how connected ar...
Need some great, easy to understand instructions for gettin' some Google love?  Wait no longer, here it is!If you ask any expert in SEO, (Search Engine Optimization), they will tell you the #1 factor for being highly ranked in the search engine results pages, (SERP'S), are high quality links. The...
Realtors are busy people. Generally, computer time does not result in a listing contract or a buyer's offer to purchase, those are face-to-face activities. So WHY do you need to clutter up your life with even more, like Facebook & Twitter, and heaven forbid My Space?!! Here's why: These sites are...
Henry Ford said "Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal." So what obstacles do you see in front of you today?  The market?  The massive changes in the mortgage industry?  Have these things made you lose sight of your goals? Successful professionals set ...
We've all heard the saying "Don't sweat the small stuff ... and it's all small stuff."  While in day to day life that may be true and we should all strive to keep focused on the big picture and let small interruptions and inconveniences fall away like water off the proverbial duck's back, in the ...

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