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It takes about five hours to fly from Los Angeles to New York, which is the same amount of time it takes Open Door Auctions to sell your house during our innovative one day auction. Even though the old-fashioned real estate industry hasn't realized it yet, we live in a busy world and sellers don...
  Buyers realize that here and now is a great time to be a buyer in the California real estate market. Nowhere is that more true than Irvine and never has there been a better partner to scope out the current offerings than Irvine home auctions offered by Open Door Auctions. As a long-time member ...
It's not often that people like to be told "NO!," but when it comes to turning the old-fashioned real estate industry and their dysfunctional way of doing business on it's head, Open Door Auctions is proud to be able to express our opinion in the negative. In short, we leave a lot of junk out of ...
Are you ready for a rewarding, forward-thinking career in real estate? Most real estate agents, even the successful ones, have seen how tough the day-to-day grind is in this business. They take it with a shrug and pound down another cup of gut-busting coffee. Everybody hates their job at least on...
This blog "4 Reasons Triggering Continuation of the Home Price Collapse" is from our 'sister company' Platinum Properties Investor Network.  For investors, more commentary is avaialble at the current administration's constant hyperactive dog and pony show, we at Th...
Open Door Auctions didn't get into the home auctioning business just because we thought it was cool to be different. While it's true we are as different as night and day from the old-fashioned way of doing real estate, the difference is a natural outgrowth of founder, Jason Hartman, and his inte...
  There are a host of reasons Open Door Auctions continues to flourish in the home auctions sales business. We'll list a few of the most important ones below but, if you want the short version, it goes something like this - people keep bringing us houses to sell at auction because the process has...
  With all the doom and gloom in the air it would seem like a terrible time to have a real estate auction to sell your house. Maybe, but let's not rush to judgment until all the facts are in. Remember facts - those troublesome little nuggets of truth that sometimes get in the way of a really grea...
  If your vision of a property auction is a crazed maelstrom of frantic activity with a guy shouting through a megaphone trying to orchestrate it all, stop and think again. Open Door Auctions would like to introduce you to the OTHER type of property auction, a calm, professional event that more a...

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Open Door Auctions is a revolutionary way to buy and sell property. Whether you are looking to buy a new home, or hoping to sell your property quickly, our system will work for you in just 2 weeks. Let us show you!