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“One day you will be at the place that you always wanted to be. Don’t stop believing.” This saying so describes where I was to where I am. I did a presentation last week to a great group of young college athletes who have now graduated and are moving into the real world. The talk was on how to bu...
Many customers who are about to buy a home are sometimes presented with a new job offer or a new opportunity and they are not sure whether or not they will qualify for a new home or if they should pass on the job. Here are some pointers when it comes to those who either have less than 2 years on ...
If you are wondering what part of a tax return a mortgage lender looks at to use as qualifying income if you file a Schedule C, here are a few pointers:1) Look at line 12 on page 1 of your 1040 for 2016 & 2017. Add up those two years together for line 12 and divide by 24 (months). The number you ...
I met with a young man yesterday who wrestles for Cornell University (which is one of the top wrestling schools in the country). He was such an impressive young man with such a bright future. He asked incredible questions and definitely showed me that today’s generation of kids have a lot to offe...
If you believe in who you are, you will become what you believe. I think that I am the king of stealing these inspirational sayings off of Google (yes, I am convinced that Google knows everything). This saying really struck me when I saw it. If you believe in who you are --- you will become what ...
Are you struggling right now and you need help with something? Maybe you are out of work and need a job. Maybe your current job is bringing you down and you need a NEW job. Maybe you are battling your weight or trying to fix a broken relationship. Who knows, maybe you are great and you just want ...
How powerful is the mind? I can tell you firsthand from my personal experience that posting a positive thought every single morning has made it easier and easier to stay positive and rebound from failure in my life. I can write chapters and chapters on how many times that I have failed at somethi...
All I need is within me. Think of how powerful that statement is. What really stops anyone from being great? The more that I have analyzed this one single thought, the more that I have arrived at the conclusion that it is truly me. Do you have a defeatist and negative attitude? Do you wake up eve...
This is just a basic general reminder that standard condominiums which meet Fannie Mae guidelines are eligible for 5% down on a conventional loan. A seller can pay up to 3% of the purchase price towards the buyer's closing cost in that scenario. A buyer must be at least 4 years out of a bankruptc...
In a rising market, sometimes appraisals come in short. In a market where there are multiple offers on one single home, sometimes the home is purchased for MORE than the asking price (and sometimes, A LOT more). In any case, did you know that anyone involved in the transaction is allowed to speak...

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