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So I run into this a lot when I deal with rent-to-owns and the renter wishes to purchase the home which they have been living in. Let's just say the renter is paying $1,300 per month for rent. The appraiser has to add a "Comparable Market Rent Schedule" into the appraisal for the transaction. Thi...
   I posted this on my Facebook page yesterday and thought that I would share it on AR. Good Morning!! I look for inspiration every single day in sayings, people or whatever I can find. Today I found it in Saman Guana. He was a Navy Seal and died saving the trapped soccer team. He gave all of his...
Rise and Shine!! The best way to get ahead is to get started and the best way to get started is to get up!! The more time and energy that I put into controlling my thoughts, I have come to realize, the more that I control the outcome of my day. I really think that mentally preparing for the day a...
 If you want a pick-me-up to start your morning, you have got to watch this 2 minute video of Les Brown. I must have watched this video easily over 500 times. The point he makes is so important. He tells the story of his 9-year old son playing him in a game of Connect 4. If you watch this video o...
Who said that life was going to be easy? Really. Who said it was going to be easy? Things which are easy are never worth having and things worth having never come easy. If you are in a situation where you are struggling, think about this thought -- we are our worst enemy, our biggest critic and m...
What is the difference between good and great? I was explaining this to one of my employees last week. The whole world wants to be great. Unfortunately, a very small portion of the world is willing to make the sacrifices necessary to become great. I do not tie great to financial success either. I...
Do you know someone who gets paid cash and does not declare it or someone who writes off most of their income because they are self-employed and they want to buy a home? Here is the easiest solution -- get a co-signor.  After a couple of years of showing their income and claiming it, refinance an...
Did you know that you can get a VA loan with no money down, USDA loan with no money down, FHA loan with 3.5% down or a conventional loan with 5% down on a manufactured home? I suppose that if you are in New York City, Los Angeles (I'm mad at you by the way for stealing Lebron James), San Francisc...
What I do today is what matters most. I think that that is such an important thought that it is worth repeating – What I do today is what matters most. I have trusted people who I should not have trusted, given help to people who simply took advantage of me, and have done the right thing only to ...
I think that most people tend to always choose the path of least resistance when making a decision. Afterall, it has always been easier to quit than it has been to hold on and fight. Personally, I actually prefer the path of GREATEST resistance. Do you want to know which path that is?? It’s the p...

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