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“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.” – Friedrich Nietzsche I soooooooo love that saying. What does that mean to me? It means that sometimes you will hear things and see things which no one else will hear and no one else will see. You w...
Start before you are ready. Since my one brother is not on social media, I am safe to say this about him – when he wrestled he always waited for the perfect moment before shooting. My other brother (who is not on social media either), used to yell at him that the perfect moment to shoot would nev...
If you are talking to someone who does not have the funds for a down payment, always ask them if they can get a gfit from a family member. All of the down payment money needed on a Conventional loan or FHA loan can be gifted to the borrower (preferrably from a family member). Whether it is 5% dow...
Every single Real Estate Agent out there will have borrowers declined for financing this month due to their credit score or their income.  Count up how many you have across an entire year and if you even manage to do somewhat average business, you will find that it is quite a few people. Co-signo...
Baby steps. I always tell people to set a goal and take it slow. Take baby steps. Crash diets do not work. Day trading in the stock market does not work. Short cuts to the top do not work. Anytime I have tried to do something quickly, most of the time, it did not work. Anytime I have thought thro...
Nothing changes if nothing changes. We all know the one saying about insanity, trying the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome. Working out and dieting is pretty easy to measure because I either do it or I don’t. If I make a commitment to not eat junk food, I either do it or...
You are never too old to learn and you are never too young to teach. I think the first part of this is what I gravitate to the most – you are never too old to learn. No matter where you work at or what you are doing, it is never too late to try new things or try different things. Try thinking dif...
Dream of yourself achieving what others say is impossible and imagine doing the unimaginable. If Wilbur right was practical, we would not be able to fly today. If Henry Ford was practical, production standards in the entire world would be different. If Bill Gates was practical, you would not be r...
Setbacks are simply opportunities for comebacks. Throughout our lives, we have all had TONS of setbacks. Some have been major setbacks and some have been minor setbacks. Ultimately, however, no matter what the setbacks were, every single one of them was an opportunity for a COMEBACK. It’s really ...
Do you have clients who were declined because their credit score was too low? The fastest 2 ways to raise a credit score are:1) Remove negative items2) Pay down credit card balances Every single mortgage company in the country has access to a program called a "Rapid Re-score" in which they can re...

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