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I still remember when Bank of America would not let me cash advance my credit card in March of 2009. I was standing in my kitchen, at my dishwasher speaking to customer service and making sure that I can cash advance it before I was going to walk into the bank to do it. The limit was $65,000 and ...
It's Black Friday people!!!  I keep saying it -- nothing beats this time of the year, but you still have to take it one day at a time. This is how I look at it -- after Christmas, we enter a whole new year, then Valentine's Day is up, St Paddy's day a month later and then Spring and Summer!!  Tak...
The big day is tomorrow!! No matter what the thoughts or what the struggles, see the good in what is ahead and focus on everything which is positive. Positive thoughts bring positive results!! Our winter wonderland in our 12,000 square foot office is almost complete and there is no time like now!...
I am thankful that I have another shot today to network with people and try to grow my business. I am thankful that I get to post on social media and people think enough about these posts to comment and reply and give me their thoughts and opinions. I am thankful for a lot of things (probably too...
My office decorations are up and more are coming!! This is the best week of the year!! Get out there and walk around the malls, the stores, turn on the tv and see the shows that are on and take it all in. Nothing beats this time of year, but it is all about perspective!! It’s a short week everyon...
That is what we told our young wrestlers yesterday in practice when a few of them wanted to be let out of practice because they were tired. Why did we say that to them? First of all, this is our first week of wrestling practice, so no one is in shape. When you are exhausted, have someone physical...
The Christmas Decorations are going up everyone!! This is simply the best time of the year. Attitude is everything. Perspective is everything. How you see the world determines what type of day you have. It truly does. The more times you say something positive, do something positive and MOST impor...
Get up, get going and get after it!! I love saying that to myself. Actually, there are a lot of sayings which I just love. I found that the more that I memorize and say to myself, the better I feel (even when things are going against me that day or whatever). “The pessimist sees the difficulty wi...
I think everyone of us is a marketer. How you present yourself to people, markets YOU as a person. How you present your business to the public is how the public perceives your business. When you speak with authority and your voice carries weight, people listen. I think even more important than th...
Too many people allow their life’s story play out as if someone else wrote it for them. Every single day is another opportunity to determine where in life we are going. The difference between the most successful people at anything in life and everyone else is simply one or two breaks. For me pers...

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