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Florida Real Estate with a Northwest Florida Realtor. Get information from here on the Emerald Coast. We work with real estate buyers and sellers in Crestview, Fort Walton Beach, Destin, Niceville, DeFuniak Springs, Eglin Air Force Base, South Walton Beaches, and surrounding areas.
I have written about #nfts with posts that go to the Nft group have also written about Qr codes before
There are times some comments on other post spur a thought of a new post.comments on this post made me think of fair use am wondering if a famous artist is ...
I wish the justice department the best in their taking on google with charges of google monopolizes the “ad tech stack" here is a link to the release from the DOJ is clear to heavy users o...
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 I found a thin crust pizza that I like from Palermos I like the stuff crust bessie revenge pizza by Screamin Sicilian Pizza  you can add vegetarian bacon by morningstar and sausage by beyond meat.One of my favorite pizzas growing up in Ohio was Donatos they had thin crust pizza only for years bu...
So whats in the loaded nachos?1st the buffalo wings by kellogs morningstarNext pick a good cheese, myself I like a good aged cheese with crystallization.If you dont have a cheese shop close or whole foods then you can get by with a decent age chesse.I pick up a bag of scoops that are baked they r...
I wrote previously about pizza hut and kfc no longer carrying the limited release products made me think of previous posts I have written about products that are no longer around that I en...
I wrote this now 5 years ago but wanted to update as new options have come to market.Morningstar quarter pound is still a solid burger. Since this post the Impossible burger is available in fast food options and my favorite ...
I previously wrote about going to Hardees to try each of the beyond meat selections for morning, noon and night trying all bun types with the meats.
There wasnt really anyting in the way of post at the time and wanted to get something posted and since have posted close to 60 post over the years to  It would of made more sense to maybe name it vegetarianRealtors since I am only vegetarian but would a...